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advice please with cloth for newborn ref meconium

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nannyl Fri 01-Jul-11 18:08:58

Even though baby is not born yet i am a complete cloth nappy addict and have over 100 blush

I know many people who use cloth use disposables for a few days, and then move to cloth when baby is a few days / weeks old.

I have some of the cutest newborn nappies in my collection, and i really want and plan to use them from birth, (especially if my planned homebirth goes to plan) but wondering how people deal with meconium on nappies.

Im sure ive herd it sticks and is a nightmare to get off and i dont want to ruin my cloth nappies in week 1!

I have used cloth lots nannying and i know breast fed poo just washes off anyway, but never used them on a baby from birth.

Would fleece liners protect the nappy? Im not that bothered if i have to throw away some old cut up ikea throw, or would paper liners be better? or even both?
Or have you used cloth nappies on a tiny newborn and just washed meconium out in the machine (on a normal nappy wash?)

I plan to dry pale if it makes a difference though i guess if meconium requires soaking I could just for a week or so.

Mollymax Fri 01-Jul-11 18:13:00

Not sure if you can buy the throw away liners nowadays. They worked in the past.
Also a tip on cleaning meconium of babys bottoms, smear the bottom with vaseline first, then the meconium does not stick.
Good luck with your imminent arrival.
I am very envy

nannyl Fri 01-Jul-11 18:23:53

I plan to mainly use fleece liners but i have 3 whole packs of paper liners that have been given to me so its not a problem to use paper liners for a few days / weeks if it works smile.

Thanks for vaseline tip smile i wonder if organic nappy balm does the same job, or does it really have to be pure petroleum jelly aka vaseline?

Mollymax Fri 01-Jul-11 18:26:04

I think anything that coats the babys skin and stops the meconium from sticking would work.

TYBear Sat 02-Jul-11 14:03:33

I wouldn't plan on using any paper liners with a newborn, I did that with my first and it really irritated her bottom.

Also, if you are going to smother their bum in vaseline or any greasy cream then you will need to be careful because it can really reduce the absorbency of the nappy and they will need to be strip washed regularly. You can you some cream, of course, but be weary of using lots and often.

Try using fleece liners (and bining them once used) and any meconium stained nappies I would soak in cold water overnight and then wash them as normal.

ragged Sat 02-Jul-11 14:05:50

Rip up old clothes to size & use as disp liners -- worked for 3 of mine in cloth from birth. No soaking req'd.

NappyShedSal Sat 02-Jul-11 23:14:53

I used cloth from birth and the meconium washed out just fine in the washing machine.

I got cloth into our local Maternity unit, so obviously all the nappies there get meconium on them and they all wash out completely clean.

nannyl Sun 03-Jul-11 09:14:46

thank you all smile

I wonder if the maternity unit washed them in any special way though? also im guessing maternity unit provided prefolds (peieces of cottom cloth) which can be washed at 90+, where as most of my nappies can only be washed at 60?

pleased that it does seem to wash out though smile

Ill be prepared to bin the 1st cut up old fleece liners i think and if it washed out will consider it a bonus!

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