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Nappies for chunky baby?

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QueenofDreams Sun 26-Jun-11 23:31:01

My DD is 6 months old and big for her age. Her big brother used Close parent pop ins until over two years old, but she is already popping out of them. Even on the largestsetting the velcro is giving way and they keep coming undone. Does anyone know what nappy would be good for her? She is a very heavy wetter as well. I hadn't really planned on buying new nappies but she's just so big

She has an Easyfit which fits ok on the largest setting but I guess that won't fit for much longer. Other wise she also has size one Bambinex teddies and a few Sandies, all of which no longer fit! Any suggestions?

QueenofDreams Mon 27-Jun-11 08:10:18


Pingpong Mon 27-Jun-11 21:14:01

Don't abandon the nappies just yet as she may well slim down a bit when she starts crawling and then walking. I had a bruiser as well and I sold on my close parents but all my other BTP still fit fine. Bumgenius v4s have been made slightly larger than the v3 to accommodate larger toddlers. The flip is also quite generous as a BTP wrap.
You could try some sized pockets or AIO - I have a medium and a large real easy by Hip Hip baby. My 15m still easily fits the medium (whereas she is in a large in most other sized nappies eg Ittis, or Bumgenius AIO or Charlie Banana).
The Real Easy has a pocket that can be stuffed and the minky summer flowers print is lovely smile
Wonderoos are also good for larger babies. I had the originals and I'm not quite sure how the v2 compares but they are poppered so might do better for you than the velcro ?
Baby Beehind Magic All Minky All in One is another sized AIO option - the large are huge! again there is a pocket for additional boosting.

AngelDog Tue 28-Jun-11 22:24:47

DS is a chubster, especially in the legs and wore size 2 Bambinex Teddies and Motherease one size when he outgrew his size 1 nappies at about 5 months. At 17 months he'd outgrown those too.

The Motherease hold more wee than the Teddies IME although I like the Teddies better. I used a MEOS plus a loose MEOS booster between the nappy & wrap for night time. You can buy side extenders for popper nappies which I'm now using with Motherease ones.

Everyone said to hang onto size 1 nappies for when he slimmed down, but at 18 months, it's not happened yet! grin

I'm having to buy size 3 nappies now. Fuzzi Bunz perfect size nappies are made in a good range of sizes, although I've not used them (yet).

I find popper nappies / wraps work well as you can adjust the legs & waist separately. DS has always had a big pot belly, so nappies slide underneath it making him need a narrow waist but big leg openings.

QueenofDreams Tue 28-Jun-11 23:22:13

angel I have size one teddies, which DS used as well. They are also popping open on her. She has size 2 bambinex bamboos as well, and although the rise is fine, the waist wings no longer fit. I'm having to put them on her unfastened and then popper her wrap on quite tightly over them! And she's outgrowing her wraps too...

I never got on with bumgenius. I found they leaked terribly. Wonderoos were even worse (although I had the originals, haven't tried the v2). I've considered trying the real easies - are they any good?

AngelDog Tue 28-Jun-11 23:33:12

I have a few size 2 Bambinex bamboos, and I found the waist wings became too tight much faster than with the microfibre ones (although I reckon they'd have been okay on DS at that age). I found the mf ones to be more flexible.

We use Motherease Airflow wraps which have been great, but we've had to really move up the sizes to keep them comfortable. Being able to adjust legs/waist separately has really helped.

I think DS started (briefly) in small but now he's in the extra large size! I hope he doesn't get any bigger, or we're in trouble. smile

You could try filling in the questionnaire on The Nappy Lady's site. Her DS sounds very similar in build to mine - she said he had to move up the sizes at least as fast as DS did.

QueenofDreams Tue 28-Jun-11 23:37:55

I have the Airflows. DS was so small he never needed to go any bigger than the medium wraps. DD on the other hand is already getting red marks round her thighs on the loosest setting! I'm expecting a little bit of cash in soon so may have to invest in some new wraps/nappies

AngelDog Wed 29-Jun-11 00:05:37

Only medium! shock DS is on the loosest leg setting in the extra large size already.

I got most of my wraps second hand and they've been good.

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