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What type of inserts for pockets?

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AngelDog Sun 26-Jun-11 22:48:09

I've always used 2-part nappies on my 18 m.o. but I'm trying out some pockets in the hope of having something faster drying than fitted size 3 nappies.

What sort of inserts would be quick drying but reasonably absorbant? At home I change DS every hour or two; when we're out, it might be a little longer but not by much.

I rarely use a tumble dryer. I wouldn't say DS is a particularly heavy wetter. Up to now microfibre Bambinex Teddies have been fine, although they're just too small for him now.

Would using microfibre (cleaning) cloths be enough or do I need to add something else / something different?

PssstOverHere Mon 27-Jun-11 13:35:06

I like these Green Acre Design ones, they do them in hemp which are very absorbent though slower to dry or in microfibre and they are very quick to dry.

I also really like the Wonderoos Wonder-Fulls that came with the V1 Wonderoos, though they are quite big so won't fit in all pocket nappies - what type will you be using?
I also love the new Wonderoos V2 insert and its slimmer than the Wonder-Full insert so more likely to fit into most pockets. They fit fine in Bumgenius for me. They are in two parts, one part hemp and one microfibre. The hemp part is a tri-fold so when you unfold it they dry pretty quickly but not as quick as the microfibre part.

When I have been stuck I've used a microfibre cleaning cloth, just folded and stuffed in but I wouldn't use them normally. Its a faff to fold them for each nappy and to get them laying in the pocket neatly so that baby isn't sitting on an uncomfortable cease of fabic.

Pingpong Mon 27-Jun-11 21:17:51

I like little lamb bamboo boosters. They don't take too long to dry and are very reasonably priced £12 for 10. They are rectangular so fit in most pocket nappies easily eg bumgenius, charlie banana, totsbots easyfit v2 (AIO) I've layered them in a bambooty, a Flip - well most nappies I've tried. A real easy, a wonderoo, a minilala, issy bear.....

AngelDog Mon 27-Jun-11 22:55:17

Thanks, both. That was useful to know about the mf cloths. The Little Lambs do sound like good value.

I've got a selection I'm experimenting with - Fuzzi Bunz, Minki Yoyo, Happy Heiny's pocket training pants, Pocket Bots training pants and Super Undies pocket training pants - so far! It's like starting out with cloth all over again.

peachybums Tue 28-Jun-11 21:29:53

Little lamb dry fairly quick but i dont find them very absorbent, they are very thin and i wouldnt use them on their own in a pocket nappy.

I also have a stash of coolababy microfibre inserts which are fab and quick drying and cost about 50p each. Anything microfibre is going to dry fast. I also love my bumgenius inserts, my LO is a champion widdler and they never seem to leak smile

shuckleberryfinn Wed 29-Jun-11 15:24:08

I seem to get wetness with microfibre. prefolds (bought cos they are cheap second hand) seem to do the job right now though. I've also used folded muslins and terry squares (bit bulky those though).

Pingpong Wed 29-Jun-11 20:45:28

I wouldn't use a LL bamboo booster on it's own either - it's a booster. But I find them great to add to say an totsbots easyfit if I want it to last a bit longer or I use the big BG insert plus a bamboo booster instead of the newborn one.....

AngelDog Wed 29-Jun-11 22:27:25

Thanks everyone. At home, I'm happy with wetness if it's not leakage IYSWIM. We do a bit of EC so I prefer to have DS able to feel the wet sensation when he wees in his nappy. Of course, when we're out, I want more absorbancy.

Today I used just one thinnish insert or booster and he told me 'wee wee' when he went in his nappy - for the first time ever (normally he only tells me about having done a wee when he's nappy free). But that might have been just coincidence. smile

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