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Becoming a reuseables addict....and LO not here yet....

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Eviepoo Wed 22-Jun-11 22:29:16

I think I'm becoming a cloth nappy addict. I'm not due for 8 more weeks grin
I have some bum genius flips. And now a sandy, little lambs, a stretchy, some muslins and some nappy nippas on the way here and have been looking up fold videos. I've looked up all the tips on washing etc and plan to make some fleece liners. Oh and I also got some washable wipes and have been looking up wash recipes....
Is this just the start....?

Any good wash recipes or great tips from those of you that are experienced washable users?

thisisyesterday Wed 22-Jun-11 22:30:54

i just use plain warm tap water on my wipes, mainly because i always think it must be horrible to have a cold wipe on your bum!

Justtrying Thu 23-Jun-11 08:39:19

No expert, LO only 3 weeks old but i put boiled water and a few drops of lavender and camomile oil in tupperware box with my washable wipes, they are great. I put them straight in the box from the washer. I wash every otherday with my nappies.

I have found that Dd is still a bit small for some nappies, leaks around legs from wraps and bumgenius a bit wide between her legs. However Totsbots easy fit, fit well, i only have one but have ordered 10 more which will hopefully mean that she'll be in cloth full time soon. At present we do one day in cloth one day in disposables, haven't tried cloth overnight yet, but did get 3.5 hrs out of both bumgenius and easyfit yesterday. Just depends on when LO poos, she has a habit of pooing just as i've put a clean nappy on, if i think she's going to i put a terry square, i like the bat fold, one for a short time, however they don't wick the moisture away like say bumgenius so i change her frequently.

I agree cloth is addictive.

peachybums Thu 23-Jun-11 11:49:23

I keep wipes in a basket by the sink and just use plain water. Used to use oils but was a faff with three DCs to look after, a rinse under the tap did the job lol. I put them in the bucket with nappies and wash all together.

I dry pail nappies and do - 2 rinses in cold, wash on 60 then 2 final rinses. Seems to do the trick but you might not have to do so many rinses when baby is first born as they wont be as wiffy.

Top tip, try use Bio powder if baby is ok with this, get nappies much much cleaner. Most babies are ok with Bio although the washing powder ads for Non Bio wouldnt want you to know this fact ;)

Eskarina Thu 23-Jun-11 18:18:45

Eviepoo I think we're the same person! Also have 8 weeks to go until DC1 and an impressive stash of nappies already. It starts so easily...I'll have a couple of each of a number of different brands to see what I like, then found an amazing offer on some pre-washed but never used Flips (less than 1/2 price!), now am thinking they won't be suitable from birth (though have you seen that BabaMe are now selling newborn inserts for flips??) so am investigating using muslins, but also have some bamboozle size 1's. DH is despairing!

That's not advice at all, just empathy!

nannyl Thu 23-Jun-11 20:41:42


Join the club! Im 28 weeks pregnant and now have over 100 cloth nappies shock i just can resist them

have used lots of cloth while nannying for 10 years (and have used all sorts of disposable too) but cloth are my favourite and i cant wait for baby to be hear to wear the nappies lol!

Eviepoo Thu 23-Jun-11 20:51:26

I'm glad I'm not the only addict!!

My DD is 11.5 and back then I used disposables - so glad I have discovered cloth this time!

swampster Thu 23-Jun-11 21:50:05

I feel a bit sad. DS1 and DS2 are seven and five and long out of nappies. DS3 is two and has started pulling off his nappies, handing them to me: "Me wet, Mummy", and going to sit on the potty.

I really have loved my fluff!

Pingpong Thu 23-Jun-11 22:04:12

100 nappies nannyl <smac falls off chair in disbelief!!!!>
I thought I had a lot but I've never reached triple figures!

swampster Thu 23-Jun-11 22:12:55


nannyl Thu 23-Jun-11 22:17:22

i didnt mean to get quite so many blush

(and one of my nappy addict friends has many more than me, but she has 3 children...)

vallinnapod Wed 29-Jun-11 13:29:12

Bloody hell nannyl grin

I am having to sit on my credit card NOT to buy some Bumgenius newborns (love my freebies) and especially Totsbots Teenyfits...have Itti Bitti Tuttos but the look huge. I know the tiny sizes will be a waste of money as he probably won't be in them that long...doesn't stop me lusting!

Eviepoo Wed 29-Jun-11 14:40:27

vallinnapod I also got a bumgenius newborn as a freebie when I bought my flips. How cute?? I did consider buying more but as I have a growth scan tomorrow (measuring about 2.5 weeks big) it's not such a wise idea.

But to get through that newborn bit without spending too much money I have bought muslins and nappy nippas and plan to do the jo fold (there is thenappylady videos on you tube showing how to do the folds)
Eskarina I think you should try the muslin thing - because when you move onto the flips you will still be able to use the muslins for the million other things mums use them for. I got 24 for something like £19 on the nappy lady website which is way cheaper than the like of toys r us which were £7 for three or something like that.
Other than that if you do go for some size 1s you could always sell them on.

Just tell your DH this is all for the health of your babies bum - I do smile

I also got some chamomile oil - I plan to add a drop or two to water for a bum wash.
A roll of viscose liners to try them out
20 fleece liners
5 bamboo boosters
I'm sure there was other -stuff but I'm not going to make me sound like a crazy lady

Nannyl I think you are ace and I can't wait to swap brand stories to see which suit which types of babies best.....100+ I wonder if I get that bad smile I just hope that you have aquired some and not bought them all

nannyl Wed 29-Jun-11 15:12:22

I have to say i have not bought a single nappy brand new (though i want some tots bamboo stretchies, and havent got any of those yet!)

although i got my free bounty bumgenius newborn, and years ago when pop ins were brand new i got a free sample of those too.

I have bought (2nd hand) a few nappies..... some of my faviourites that i have used nannying and just had to have.
I also have quite a few friends who have used cloth so i have been generously given a fair few, and bought some off of them. The newborn size ones i have are just so cute and have only been used for a few weeks on 1 baby.

I really hope that my baby is in cloth from moment one!

I have always been probably verging on obsessed with cloth nappies! and i cant wait to use them on my own baby

I also have a nice selection of boosters and liners, and one of my friends who makes kids clothes as her stay at home mummy job, uses off cuts to make the cutest wipes and she will kindly make me some unique cloth wipes with cloth off cuts and organic bamboo.

I still need some hemp & bamboo boosters too!

Im banned from buying more but i think i got banned at about 50 / 60 nappies, and it hasnt stopped me. but once i have some bamboo stretchies & those boosters NO MORE nappies (until / unless baby needs size 3!)


Eviepoo Thu 30-Jun-11 20:19:30

I've been practising muslin folds on a teddy bear this afternoon.... I have a slightly adapted jo fold that I am planning to try first.....

GetDownYouWillFall Thu 30-Jun-11 22:18:00

Ooooo nannyl what's this about a free bounty bumgenuis newborn??!! I want one! How did you get it?

nannyl Thu 30-Jun-11 22:37:21

Despite getting pregnant in December 2010 and seeing midwife in Jan 2011 i was given the summer / autumn 2010 bounty pack.

In THAT version of the bounty book they give you there was a coupon for a free bumgenius nappy (but the coupon was only valid until march 2011). I sent it off and got a free nappy.

My friend who is moving house tomorrow as today generously dropped me round an entire sack of her (hardly) used cloth nappies that she just cant be bothered to ebay. She must have way way way more than 100 nappies!!!!!
i reckon i must be up to around 120 cloth nappies now... and i expect to get nearer to 150 if when i buy her cutest wee-notions ever (that her own 2 year old still uses) and the tots bamboo stretchies which are on my "simply MUST have some of them" list blush

kiteflying Fri 01-Jul-11 10:22:55

If you want to try a fabulous newborn nappy, do try diddy diapers from nature babies. They do up with a nappy nippa and have extra long wings so can be used up to about four months. My bubs was in flat terries (jo fold and kite fold), cotton little lambs and diddies for the first four to five months and these were fabulous. What works after that initial stage depends on the shape your baby grows into, so maybe hold off building up too much of a stash.

Personally, I found nippa'd nappies a bit awkward once bub was crawling, and stuck to my motherease from then on, but I would not have been without the quick change ability of flats and diddies in the early days.
Laundry wise - beware of line drying cotton and hemp because they can go stiff and scratchy. Indoor or tumble drying for softness - outdoor, sunshine for stains and anti-bacterial goodness. If you try and alternate between the two, you won't lose the love.

vallinnapod Fri 01-Jul-11 11:15:54

A maxi (15) pack of Totsbots teenyfits on Tesco Direct for £84. This sound like a good deal considering they are about £9 each... plus you get 15 boosters.

Anyone purchased?

I am also hestitant as will I get enough use out of them to justify even that price?


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