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Bumgenius leaking after 6 months...

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costumequeen Sun 19-Jun-11 20:40:18

We have been using BG v4 since my daughter was born 6 months ago. They have been brilliant up until now, but recently they leak at night - right through the sleeping bag! I use extra pads and have tried stripping them on a hot wash, followed by mild bleach wash then 2 x rinse/wash cycles, but still leaking! I've changed the popper setting to 'middle popper' (dd is 14.5lb) Any thoughts? We are using disposables at night at the moment so we're not changing her every 2 hours!!

Hevster Sun 19-Jun-11 20:52:29

I would guess that unless very well stuffed they are not up to the job of a night time nappy, my 8 month old needs changing every 2 hours in the day now she has learnt to use a cup! if you really want to use them you could try putting a wrap on top but personally I would use something like totsbots bamboozle stretch at night

couldbeanyone Sun 19-Jun-11 20:57:11

Agree with Hevster - we had the same issue. But strangely now daughter is nearly 12 months Bumgenius will now go through the night again. We use totsbots bamboozle stretch and motherease wrap at night mostly.

costumequeen Sun 19-Jun-11 21:49:09

So do I just put a wrap over the top of the nappy once she's in it like a pair of pants? I'm not sure how they work confused I'm not sure we can afford to invest in any new nappies (although I guess I could get some preused ones...) thanks for the help though - so frustrating for all of us when they have been so good up to now! Strangely they seem fine in the day - I guess she's a night time wee-er lol! Cheers!

shuckleberryfinn Wed 22-Jun-11 15:33:21

What are you stuffing them with? I find the microfibre acts a bit like a sponge when it's full, squeeze and the water comes out. I've never been convinced of the value of pockets as a nighttime nappy. maybe though you could just use the bumgenious as a wrap and get yourself some second hand bamboo nappies for bedtime or something?

Pingpong Wed 22-Jun-11 16:40:56

A bumgenius nappy would never have lasted either of my girls through the night so I think you have done well to get this far TBH. Generally two parters are better as night nappies - I agree with Hevster a totsbots bamboozle stretch is very good with a little lamb bamboo booster, a fleece liner and a motherease rikki wrap is what I use on DD2 or Ella's house bumhuggers are fleece lined and as far as night nappies go they are very reasonably priced, again a motherease fits well over these.
I have used some pockets at night - old style wonderoos have plenty space for additional boosting and Baby Beehind Magic All (all in one) has a pocket that has plenty space for boosting as well.
Try cloth nappy tree for preloved, it is fast moving and always has lots for sale.
Oh one other inexpensive option to consider is flips - use a staydry insert and then an organic insert underneath. As these come apart they will dry quicker than say the bamboozle or bumhugger so you would need fewer to have in your stash for night time use.

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