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Leaking Pop'n'Grow nappies

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DairyBeetle Thu 16-Jun-11 10:27:50

Oh wise nappy gurus of MN I appeal for your words of wisdom!

DS (10wks, 11lb8oz) is almost swimming out of his nappies at night (last night he was soaked from waist to neck, and had soaked through sleeping bag and sheet) and leaks during the day as well. Sometimes he leaks round the legs, others its the back, sometimes he's that wet I can't tell where he's leaking from (thankfully we've not had poo containment issues so far!).

We booster 'strategically', make sure that everything looks secure around the legs and waist and change him every 2hrs or so during the day but at night he's going for 6hrs or so at a stretch and the leaking is much, much worse. We use a bamboo booster but can't fit any additional boosters as he's still on the smallest setting.

Anyone have tips of what else to try with the Pop N Grow nappies? Or suggestions of nappies that we can use over night, as that is when things are worse, that will be better?

nannyl Thu 16-Jun-11 18:13:37

you could try some new tots bamboozle stretchies.... which are 9 - 40ib i THINK

as they are bamboo they will need washing at least 6 - 10 times before reaching maximum absorbancy but should last a good night nappy for a while yet.
motherease airflow wraps are pretty bomb proof

at a later stage you may need to boost.... your bamboo boosters or hemp are good for over night.

Cumbrianlass2 Thu 16-Jun-11 23:58:29

Have you checked to see if you have build up which may be causing the nappies to repel liquid? If you are using too much detergent, or fabric softner or not rinsing enough (all common things to do) then the nappies may not be as absorbant as they should be causing leaking. If the nappy itself is sodden it may not be this but worth a check just in case.

Fill a bowl with water and put a clean dry nappy in, swish it about and if you see soap residue bubbles then you probably have build up. If so, and you strip wash the nappies things may be better.

Hope you get it sorted, bet its frustrating. Would second the recommendation for tots strechies if stripping dont sort it. Especially for over night, never found a pocket or an all in one that could last a night for mine. Two parters rule.

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