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Reusable pull-ups

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TuttoRhino Tue 14-Jun-11 21:04:23

Anyone know of anything that works and preferably at not huge expense. Nursery wants us to send 2 year old DD in pull-ups as they are going to start toilet training. She normally wears Easyfits.

I've got some reusable trainers but I suspect she might need many trouser changes as her bladder control is not quite there yet.

Has anyone used normal nappies just fastened on a looser setting successfully?

Tchaikovsky Tue 14-Jun-11 22:16:49

Motherease Sandys work quite well, but you'd need something over the top as well or they won't be waterproof. But they're easy to pull up and down. I think Poplini two size are the same as well

TuttoRhino Wed 15-Jun-11 06:50:26

Thanks. Do the Sandys popper at the sides or are they pull ons? I've never been able to tell from looking at pictures of them on sites.

nannyl Wed 15-Jun-11 09:57:28

they popper at the sides, but can still pull up and down.

as for nursery its none of their buisness...
do YOU think she is ready.... if so send her in cloth knickers. (or the re-usable trainers you have)
If not she can stay in nappies until you think she is ready.

and so what if she wee's on floor / in trousers... nurserys should be used to mopping the floor anyway... and if she is ready it wont be for too long anyway.

when YOU think she is ready, dress her in what YOU want, and nursery should be happy to go with it. (and provide a bag full of trousers and pants / socks etc)
training pants (ie disposable 'pull ups' 'pampers feel and learn' etc are too much like nappies so children dont know they arnt nappies.

The best way to potty train is striaght to cloth knickers. (though cloth training pants are great at absorbing a little, or not quite getting there in time, and still feel wet so not bad like pull ups etc)

peachybums Wed 15-Jun-11 11:42:52

Im an ex nursery nurse and im telling you the best thing to use is knickers lol. If your LO knows or thinks shes wearing a nappy she will wee in it, end of. Saying that if she doesnt have great bladder control then id say shes not ready for potty training, you know your child best though not me or nursery.

I used sandys when DD1 got a bit bigger to get her used to pulling up and down but soon as she was ready for potty training i put knickers on her. DS was really good and went straight to underpants. Got a while to go before DD2 is ready for potty training smile

TuttoRhino Wed 15-Jun-11 21:39:00

Well she came home in the same pair of trousers and didn't seem stressed by the process. She's got a large enough vocabulary to be able to tell us her views. She did do a massive poop in her trainers when she got home though. Sigh.

She's only there part time so I'll follow her lead on the days she's with us. If she's interested, she's interested. If not I'll encourage the nursery to slow down.

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