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Nappy rash with bamboo nappies

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mumnerves Tue 31-May-11 22:31:20

DS got nappy rash whilst we were on holiday and I just assumed it was the heat. However, it's now getting worse especially during the day when we use our bamboozles. When in flexitots at night he ends up with a clear-ish bum even when it's been on him for 10 hours! Any advice on creams etc would be much appreciated as I believe the creams can clog the nappies?

mumface Tue 31-May-11 23:08:46

Have you tried using a liner to keep the damp away from the skin? fleece liners keep their bum nice and dry and will also keep any cream from clogging up the nappy. If you use a thin layer rubbed in of any non greasy cream, like sudocrem it should be fine.

Cumbrianlass2 Tue 31-May-11 23:34:25

I would have thought it would be the other way around, with the flexitot giving a rash and the bamboo not. Bamboo is more aborbant so not sure it will be wetness on the skin causing the rash.

Is a possibility that the bamboo have absorbed more of something that is irritating your DS' skin though. Have you tried strip washing? Do you use a different detergent on your nappies then from the rest of the washing? And if you dont already while you have any kind of rash wash at 60.

Hmmm actually just read your post again, if it came up on holiday maybe something from there which caused it and it hasnt gone rather than your usual routine. I would strip wash.

Agree with PP that fleece liners are great, especially if you want to use creams. If you use cheaper fleece to start with you can just chuck them if they get too affected by creams.

mumnerves Wed 01-Jun-11 22:47:39

mumface have just cut up a couple of old bed sheets to use as liners for now until I can go out and get a fleece blanket to cut up,thanks!

cumbrianlass2 I know, the fact that it was the flexitot not giving the rash threw me but after reading your post, am guessing that you're right, it's from holiday as I didn't bring any flexitots with me!

I haven't been washing at 60 blush so have done a 60 wash with some teatree and lavender oil today and hung them all out for 7 hours. I have also done a 90 wash on my machine and cleaned it out, also changed powder just in case. I started using canesten yesterday and the rash seems to be improving and not itching him as much so hopefully it was thrush and will clear within a few days.

Thanks both of you for your advice x

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