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Bumgenius v.4, Bumgenius Flip or a different real nappy?

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mama09 Mon 30-May-11 21:18:56

Hello, I would really like some advice on which real nappies to get. I have read a lot of reviews and from what I gather Bumgenius v.4 and Bumgenius Flip are excellent. Which would you recommend out of the 2? Or should I be thinking about another brand? I'm planning on using them from as early on as possible. Also what do you use at night? Is it possible to use the same ones with more inserts? Should I go for the Organic ones or the stay dry? Sorry for all the questions, if you have any advice I would be really grateful!

mummynutter Tue 31-May-11 21:49:54

Really depends on what you are looking for. If you dont want to tumble dry, then the bumgenius or flip stay dry will be better as they dry more quickly than the organic. The organic flip inserts are fairly good for nights though.
Of the two I prefer the flips, as i find the bumgenius too bulky and the inserts fiddly and awkward to take in and out. The downside to the flips is i find the inserts are shifting now that he is mobile as the arent held in place by anything.
Some other brands to take a look at though would be Smartipants, Tots bots easyfits, or bamboozle stretchies and wraps, which all rate very highly in reviews but again, depends what you are looking for in a nappy

yankiedoodledandy Tue 31-May-11 21:59:45

Never used bum genius flip but swear by v4's. I started DS in real nappies at 9 weeks once he was big enough for them and I could cope with the washing! Tried lollipop, fuzzibunz and fleecy organic ones (can't remember brand). Bum genuis by far the best. Still using now at 16mo and use at night too just with extra inserts. Fleecy organic ones were nice when he was v small though and were nice and soft for him (dried really quickly too). Good luck, my only advice would be don't do what I did and spend a fortune on lots of different brands and starter packs, try one or two at a time, you can always buy more. Wish I'd just got a few at start then I could've spent more on BG once I decided they were my preference. You don't have to have all the nappies you'll ever need (and more!) from the start. That's probable common sense to most people, I got carried away thinking I was being organised!

frakyouveryverymuch Wed 01-Jun-11 20:01:39

I love them both for different reasons.

Flips - quick change, v handy out and about as significantly less bulky, can use the cover over 2 part nappies (eg Terry squares) in an emergency but I don't think the containment is as good and the inserts can wiggle around. They should have had a popper at the front and back...

V4s - just like a disposable, better containment, easier to boost IMO and less mess potential but they're bulky and if you run out if inserts because they're taking too long to dry you can't improvise with a Terry and a nippa, so you do end up needing more.

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