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Onelife - good or not?

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buttonmoon78 Mon 23-May-11 19:31:31

I've been looking at Motherease. But when I looked to buy them new (ebay prices are pretty hefty for used grin) from Kiddicare they don't do them but they do Onelife which look the same.

Good or not?

NappyShedSal Mon 23-May-11 22:19:38

Onelife are better than Motherease! The design is identical, but Onelife is 80% cotton and 20% polyester, which means that it stays softer and much less crunchy. But also the extra polyester means that they have more stretch than Motherease which means that they are far more likely to fit a toddler than Motherease. So really a nicer nappy all round.
I would say that there is no difference between a onelife wrap and a Motherease airflow wrap - both really good, reliable wraps.

( I have lots of both Motherease and Onelife for sale secondhand if you are interested)

porpoisefull Mon 23-May-11 22:22:29

I use Onelife wraps because the edges seemed more comfortable than the Motherease ones - no idea about the nappies though.

Cumbrianlass2 Mon 23-May-11 22:25:23

I wouldnt 100% swear by it, but am 90% certain that they are actually the same nappy, and that onelife are just motherease made over here under licence. Motherease used to do the same with popolino a few years ago and their wraps are virtually identical.

Before you go down the new route, check out or and the cloth nappy tree sales forum. They shouldnt be expensive.

They are pretty solid good nappies and last well. Can be bulky on a smaller baby, and need boosting for a toddler but then tbh so do all cloth nappies regardless of what the manufacturers claim. Been around for a long time which speaks volumes in itself. Not the prettiest, or possibly the best, but for the price they are decent and do the job very well.

buttonmoon78 Mon 23-May-11 22:47:35

Well, I'm glad you've all just come back with positivity - just bought a kit!

It was going on Kiddicare for 89.99 (instead of 189.99) for 16 nappies with boosters included, plus 4+3+3 wraps. So I'm aware that I will need to buy a few more nappies and probably extend the amount of wraps too, but TBH, I was bidding on a set yesterday (of motherease). I'm glad now that my internet went down as they went for over 100. And they were well used!

I'm v happy now and awaiting my lovely new nappies smile

NappyShedSal Mon 23-May-11 23:01:33

They're definitely not the same nappies. Although the design is the same, the material is very definitely different. Onelife is owned by Bambino Mio and their nappies are made in China. Whereas Motherease are made by .. Motherease!

But Onelife are definitely nicer than Motherease. But as cumbrianlass2 said they are not the prettiest nappies. They are very good quality though. I understand that they are being discontinued as people are really moving away from functional 2-part nappy systems to the funkier, quick drying All-in-ones or pockets. Hence the Kiddicare bargain!

buttonmoon78 Mon 23-May-11 23:11:19

That's cool. I actually like the two partness of them. I had similar ones last time and got on with them really well. And the pocket ones with the prefold systems just baffle me!

And as for the prettiness of them - doesn't everyone put clothes on top of them? confused To me, that seems as bonkers as buying huggies cos they have Winnie and Tigger on them (though obviously people do as huggies keep paying Disney for the rights!)

tigermummy35 Fri 27-May-11 19:44:35

We've got some second hand one life nappies and I find they aren't absorbant enough for DS. I have to change him after 2-3 hours in one. I have some new motherease and they are much better. By far the best though, are the nature babies lovables we also use.

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