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Recommendations for a washable swim nappy

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flowerfairy Wed 18-May-11 11:49:01

Have just looked on line and there is ahuge difference in price and designs. So thought i would ask you for your pros and cons of the ones you use. DD is 3months and thinking of going swimming soon. Wondering which is the best at holding bf poo. Am also going away in the summer and looking for it to last until then. DOes anyone think that disposable ones would be better at this stage? (Hope that hasn't lit the touchpaper)!grin

Albrecht Wed 18-May-11 15:21:46


pookamoo Wed 18-May-11 15:24:10

We just used a little one I got second hand which was a Tesco one. I don't think they are designed to hold in liquid poo though. Actually I am not sure about the disposable ones, as they just get all wet through and as far as I know are only designed to hold in solids.

One of my friends has a neoprene type which is quite tight round the legs and waist, and she has used it with her DD since she was tiny. It is easily rinsed out, too.

LakeFlyPie Wed 18-May-11 15:25:18

I used Happy Nappy and found it great.

Washes well and has good 'seals' on the legs grin

Barbeasty Sun 22-May-11 21:14:30

We used a tots bots one (which come in sizes like their other nappies) with a happy nappy over the top which worked well.

DD needed the next size up so I have now got the Konfidence one-size swim nappy and their sized cover. Again, they seem good and will last for some time.

Using a double layer should prevent leaks.

MrsWeasleyWannaBe Sun 05-Jun-11 09:32:20

Another vote for two layers - we use a Kushi swim nappy and then the Happy Nappy over the top. DD has actually never poo'ed while swimming so never had this system put to the test mind you! I actually think the happy nappy would be ok on its own because the design is so good but feel more confident using two layers!

shrubbery Sat 18-Jun-11 16:57:11

I used an Imse Vimse one for my skinny little boy and it was a great fit round his legs. Having said that, he has never 'done one' whilst we are swimming.
I nearly bought the next size up, but then read about using a reusable nappy shell instead, e.g. Bumgenius or Pop-In etc, but with out the inserts.

juneau Sat 18-Jun-11 17:00:05

My DS has always used John Lewis ones, which have funky patterns on them. This is one of the girl ones:

blackteaplease Thu 14-Jul-11 13:30:18

Are you planning to do any classes? They like you to use the two part system. I have the happy nappy cloth inner and outer. The inner is basically like a pair of pants with velcro at the side that you use with a liner and the outer is the neoprene shorts that Lakeflypie linked to. I've never had a leaky poo with this system.

nannyl Thu 14-Jul-11 21:58:00

another vote for happy nappy. some pools /baby swim classes INSIST on baby being in one of those nappies

from experiance i can tell you that huggoes little swimmer, kushies swim nappies, AND both used together do NOT contain poo from a 1 year old.

i suggest using a disposable under a happy nappy though (so long as it fits snugly under) as if they poo its much more pleasant to deal with throw away.

trixymalixy Thu 14-Jul-11 21:59:34

Happy nappy with disposable paper one underneath.

FloweryBoots Tue 26-Jul-11 15:33:16

We have Happy Nappy neopreane ones too. Our pool asks for two layers so we have a kushies one underneath. All came second hand either inheritted from my sister (kushies) or ebay (Happy Nappies). I think the Happy Nappy ones are great, nothing is going to come leaking out of them and ours have all been about £1-£2 on ebay (we're onto our third but only because DS is growing, they haven't been wearing out!!)

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