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Any tips for curing really really sore bottom in 16 month old?

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IlanaK Mon 24-Oct-05 21:40:54

I feel really silly asking this as I am not a first time mum! But ds2 has a really really sore bum that is just not getting better. Have been to GP who just gave metanium which I have been using. We had been using cloth at night and when at home, but we are off on holiday and washed all the cloth so he is now in disposbles. If still in cloth, I would have tried soaking a flannel in chamomile tea and using over night in nappy (this worked for ds1), but can you do this in a disposable? ANy other miracle cures?

spookylucy Mon 24-Oct-05 21:50:44

I used to use kamilosan (sp) cream always did the trick for dd. I also used to keep the nappy off for as long as possible.

frannykenstein Mon 24-Oct-05 21:52:54

I was going to suggest chamomile tea (at the risk of getting heckled by anti-PC hippy mumsnetters - oops, sorry, wrong thread )

Can you not get hold of more cloth nappies somehow? Sounds like the disposables are making it worse. Just buy a few cheap muslins and use those for a day? Poor you, sounds miserable. Hope your holiday is good otherise.

frannykenstein Mon 24-Oct-05 21:54:52

How about sitting in a bath of chamomile tea a couple of times a day? Just don't put much water in and add about 10 teabags?

I'm sure the green thing to do would be to save the tea afterwards for drinking, but....

IlanaK Mon 24-Oct-05 22:23:37

The reason we are using dispoables is that we are about to go away (with disposables as flying). We have washed and put away the cloth nappies so they don't stink up the place while we are gone! Does anyone know if I could do the chamomile thing in disposables?

Yorkiegirl Mon 24-Oct-05 22:28:37

Message withdrawn

BearintheBigBlueHouse Mon 24-Oct-05 22:32:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

MarsLady Mon 24-Oct-05 22:34:17

someone suggested the wipes with aloe vera... seems to work with my DTs. The green striped Johnsons.

butterflymum Mon 24-Oct-05 22:40:37

Provided he is not allergic to them, have you considered trying an egg white? Make sure the sore area is as dry as possible (hairdryer on cool setting works wonders) and apply reasonably thickly. Repeat over course of day as and when necessary (keeping mixture in fridge if possible, sealed container, makes it quite soothing when applied. Remember to pour the egg white onto the cloth/cotton wool you are applying with to avoid any contamination in remainder you are reserving.

dinny Mon 24-Oct-05 22:42:36

IlanaK, maybe go back to GP and say rash hasn't shifted? ds just been prescribed anti-fungal cream for nappy rash...seem to remember dd had it too at about 18 months..?

saadia Mon 24-Oct-05 22:49:37

Have you tried talcum powder? would also suggest washing him in the shower after a poo rather than using wipes. Both these things worked for ds's rash.

fuzzywuzzy Mon 24-Oct-05 22:57:55

The diposable would only soak up the cammomile tea.

Why not wash your ds's bottom with cammomile tea and let it air dry at every change (would this be possible or would he wee everywhere??), it will heal his bottom faster. I also tend to add tea tree and lavender oil to the camomile tea.

liklik Tue 25-Oct-05 00:04:44

I would stop using any sort of commercial wipe and make your own and just dab his bottom with a piece of muslin soaked in camomile tea. Def. see your Dr before you go as it could easily have a thrush overlay and therefore explain the persistance. Can you get pawpaw ointment? That is fantastic once the trush...if it is thrush has cleared. No nappy at all is the best! Good luck.xx

creepmonkey Tue 25-Oct-05 00:25:06

Drapolene has just worked for us! but could it be thrush? If its spotty, that would be my guess.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 25-Oct-05 07:50:12

Here is an excellent webpage on nappy rash - at the bottom, they discuss different types of nappy rash, so you can tell if it's fungal or whatever.

We had really bad nappy rash (ok, DS2 did) while on holiday recently, we found naked time helped, but the thing that really sorted it was an ointment from Kiehl's. It's hard to get, but better than camilosan, metanium, any of those, or at least it was for us. DS2 would stop crying right when we used it.

Oh, and don't use wipes. Use cotton balls and water, or similar.

frannykenstein Tue 25-Oct-05 08:34:29

I don't know when you're going away, but nappies don't get that vile even if left for a couple of weeks. Just get someone strong hearted to open the bucket when you get back. Hope it is better this morning, anyway.

BudaBabe Tue 25-Oct-05 08:40:12

I always found Caldesene powder really good.

Avoid ANY commercial wipes for a few days till it clears up - I never used Johnsons on DS as I find any Johnsons product stings the hell out of my skin, let alone his.

Cotton pads and water. As much air as poss. Teh cammomile tea in bath sounds a great idea - tea tree oil is anit-bacterial and lavender is healing so a few drops of those may help too.

Poor little mite!

Furball Tue 25-Oct-05 08:48:13

oh - can I just say? Saadia said about using talc. Talc is not a very nice product at all it can cause lung problems etc, even though I know we all had it as kids. Anyway cornflour is just as good and alot healthier.

iris66 Tue 25-Oct-05 09:25:40

you can also put cornflour in a pot (old talc container/salt cellar) & add a drop or two of tea tree oil to it - it will make it slightly anti bacterial & antiseptic (the cornflour won't go mushy, honest!) HTH

mandi2369 Fri 06-May-16 14:46:00

hi i have a 16 month old and he is a bum shuffler who is not yet walking. the problem is he starts the day with his no redness on his bum and by the end of the day his bum is red and sore, sometimes so sore he is screaming when getting changed. (he is changed regularly and if he is even a bit wet he would be changed to try and prevent this) but nothing seems to help. do you think it is just as he is shuffling about and might clear up when he starts walking? i use only warm walter and cotton wool to clean when he is like this and lots of conotrane cream.

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