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Dry baby wipes

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alfredm1234 Mon 19-Nov-12 09:13:04

I bought a new pair of dry wipes which are made from highly absorbent non-woven fabrics for removing spills or misprints.they are really good.

NappyShedSal Sun 13-Feb-11 20:43:49

Why not just buy washable wipes? Make them wet, use them, wash them and reuse them instead of throwing them away.

tebbles Sun 13-Feb-11 09:44:11 ckables-Medium-weight-Dry-Wipes-Case-of-1-000/3459 006/product.html

Sorry. Last try.
They are called Attends Quickables Medium-weight Dry Wipes (Case of 1,000) if you want to search the site.

tebbles Sun 13-Feb-11 09:41:47 ckables-Heavyweight-Dry-Wipes-Case-of-1-000/345902 1/product.html?cid=133635

tebbles Sun 13-Feb-11 09:40:25

I was wondering if you knew where I could buy dry baby wipes from?

I know hospitals/nurseries use them and they are made from the same material as baby wipes but they don't have the scent/lotion added to them. You just wet them under the tap and squeeze the excess water out before using them.

I can only find them in bulk on the internet and was wondering if anyone had found them in smaller quantities elsewhere? ckables-Heavyweight-Dry-Wipes-Case-of-1-000/345902 1/product.html?cid=133635

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