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who does nice trousers/jeans that fit over bumgenius size nappies please?

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valbona Sun 09-Jan-11 10:33:55

that's all really - just wanted some tips before I buy things and realise they're wrong ... so much stuff in the shops looks tiny around the behind. my DD is one has lived in tights all winter. thanks!

DrSeuss Sun 09-Jan-11 12:42:56

I always found Tesco's and Next good for over terry squares and they're pretty bulky. I am having a DD in May and am buying up stretchy leggings to go over terries/totsbots. How much do you love the look of shock on people's faces when they realise that you are a Real Nappy Mummy?! Now and then I get a really positive comment but mostly I get horror!

FannyLogan Sun 09-Jan-11 12:50:21


And the sale is now on!!

missmehalia Sun 09-Jan-11 12:54:32

Some of Cambridge Baby's wool and/or cotton leggings are gorgeous..

deemented Sun 09-Jan-11 12:56:47

Frugi are good, but i tend to just go up a size to accomadate the cloth bump.

ThePetiteMummy Sun 09-Jan-11 15:25:10

To be honest I've never found I've had to upsize in dd's trousers, her correct size (by weight rather than age) fits over the BGs. We have trousers from Mothercare, M&S and Gap.

LindtLover Sun 09-Jan-11 19:46:22

When my DD1 was still in baby clothes I used to just go up one size and that worked fine (now doing the same with DD2) but now that she is in toddler clothes I find that the correct age seems to be fine.

I think the key is to look for baggier style trousers rather than size. Something like this from Matalan, DDs have quite a lot of trousers like this and then the legs are still the right length rather than way too long. Leggings is the other easy option or just stay in dresses and tights.

valbona Mon 10-Jan-11 14:49:50

thanks so much everyone! great tips ... off to do some sales shopping

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