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Getting Stains out of Nappies with No Sun?

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aPixieInMyCaramelLatte Wed 05-Jan-11 21:04:39

I Love hanging out the nappies when the sun is shining, even in winter. They stay out all day and come back in the evening looking all lovely and white again.

But what do you do to get the stains out of nappies when there is no sun. I haven't seen any for weeks and with a combination of BF poo and toddler man poo's (seperate nappies by the way) the nappies are starting to get rather stained not being able to hang them out.

Any tips? Or do I just put up with it until spring comes around?

meltedmarsbars Wed 05-Jan-11 21:06:10

O gawd, this is why I use disposables!

chewitt Wed 05-Jan-11 21:07:18


onepieceoflollipop Wed 05-Jan-11 21:08:15

I think partly put up with it tbh. (I used reusables with both my dds).

Thankfully no "nappy inspector" will call at your home!

Even without sunshine, the stains will fade slightly as they go through the wash a few more times. Unless you have dozens of nappies no doubt they are being washed several times per week?

Another reason to look forward to spring.

Montifer Wed 05-Jan-11 21:08:24

I've heard that frost removes stains as well as sun but haven't tried it out.

Would be interested to hear your results if you give it a go.

aPixieInMyCaramelLatte Wed 05-Jan-11 21:20:18

onepieceoflollipop I do have quite a stash with 2 being in nappies but yes, they do get washed a few times a week lol.

I though Napisan wasn't very good for nappies? Something about the strength? Ruining the nappies? Or am I just talking crap now? lol.

Frost, erm well we're having plenty of that as well as rain, which I've heard is supposed to be good as well so maybe I'll do that. I'll let you know Montifer grin

onepieceoflollipop Wed 05-Jan-11 21:28:04

I never bothered with Napisan so can't say whether it is bad or not. I seem to recall for every parent that swears by it, someone else says it rots nappies/destroys the environment or whatever.

I have heard of people that just leave them out for a few days (regardless of weather) and sometimes they come up lovely. I think rain is meant to soften them up a bit (as well as getting them wet again, obviously wink

Lucky you, having a good stock, you can experiment with any number of these suggestions. grin

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 05-Jan-11 21:31:53

I just live with the stains tbh, as they are only going to get poo-ed on again.

Although I do appreciate the sight of a load of terries flapping in the sunshine. I am missing the sun v much...

Pingpong Wed 05-Jan-11 22:13:43

I too am missing the sun sad I have a window ledge full of bamboo waiting to be bleached but it's not happening.
I think napisan is fine for flat or fitted nappies with no PUL but I don't think it's recommended for AIO or pocket nappies.
I have tried leaving out in the rain for 2 days and that did nothing to improve the stains. Haven't tried frost... not sure I'm convinced by that one but happy to be proved wrong!

ziggyf Thu 06-Jan-11 10:08:06

It takes a while but even if there's no direct sun then they'll eventually get bleached if you leave them on the windowsill. To be honest I just live with it in the winter, it doesn't really matter as long as they are clean.

peachybums Sat 08-Jan-11 22:05:42

I put mine out in the rain!! Crazy but it works I also use a tiny bit of napisan in the wash which seems to help a little, also using liners helps

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