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Help Needed - Reusables

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NellyE Thu 23-Dec-10 15:18:16

Can anyone help me please?

I got some motherease nappies to use with my baby. He's now 3 months old, but every time I try to use the nappies he's soaked through in about 2 hours. This is with using a booster too.

I know there's going to be more changing with reusables, but is 2 hours about right? Or is he just a heavy wetter? That seems like a lot of changing to have to do all the time if you have to do it so regularly. Do babies need changing less when they get older?

The wee isnt' coming out into his clothes, but the nappy is sodden and he's getting very uncomfortable, much more so than with the disposables. I have my reusable stash ready though, so I'd really like to use them but changing every two hours, especially when out and about, seems quite a lot - but maybe I just need to readjust my thinking and stop being so lazy!

Thank you.

WLmum Thu 23-Dec-10 16:07:21

Hi, I think 2 to 3 hours is about right - I always have to have an eye on the clock with reusables rather than waiting all week as I find I can with disposables!! With dd1 I was obsessive about using my reusables and just got on with the frequent changing, with dd2 I now have less time so sometimes opt for a disposable if we're going out and i know that frequent changes will be a bit of a pain. I started off with tots bots but have moved onto mothercare own which I find are great - the pad is only underneath rather than all round so maybe a little less uncomfy, but maybe you don't want to buy another set if you've got all you need.

Scherbatsky Thu 23-Dec-10 21:29:47

When mine were small I was changing every 2-3 hours too. Now at 22 months its only about 3 nappies a day (and an overnighter) and my youngest at 6 months is changed probably every 4 hours or so now, its changed quite a lot with starting food.

If you find that the Motherease are uncomfortable for him because they get wet all the way around then, as WLmum suggested, try a nappy where all the absorbency is underneath. Something like a bumgenius V3 or V4, a Pop-in Dream-Dri or a Flip then his waist won't get damp.

CarGirl Thu 23-Dec-10 21:32:08

Sounds like a heavy wetter to me in which has motherease aren't the most absorbant nappy. May be worth getting some bamboo boosters for them or invest in some 2nd hand nappies of a different kind to find out what suits him best.

ravenAK Thu 23-Dec-10 21:37:13

Sounds about par for the course - although mine always seemed to poo every couple of hours at that age, so I didn't change them any more often than I would've been with disposables.

greenlotus Thu 23-Dec-10 21:41:07

Do you mean the nappy has a wet patch all through or that the whole thing is wet like you've dropped it in water?

Definitely try some kind of heavy duty booster like [ ls.aspx?id=60&cat=3 here] maybe and a fleece liner to keep him dry at the surface. Also make sure the booster is well "forward" to catch the wee from the front IYSWIM.

We got on with motherease all the way through to potty but only from six months onward, maybe if you can find a temporary solution with boosters it won't be so bad in a few months time.

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