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Where can I buy secondhand wraps?

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cornflakegirl Sun 12-Dec-10 21:02:04

I need to buy a couple of Motherease Airflow large wraps (DS2's poos seem much more leaky than DS1's!). I've had a look at a couple of secondhand nappy sites (usednappies and thenappysite) but not found anything. Is there somewhere else I can try, or will I have to buy new?

HermyaTheRedNosedReindeer Sun 12-Dec-10 21:13:01

Nope, Clothnappytree normally have second hand ME wraps on there.

They're here.

HermyaTheRedNosedReindeer Sun 12-Dec-10 21:14:02

I've just been looking and they have some large on there at the moment as well.

CarGirl Sun 12-Dec-10 21:14:20

Put a wanted ad on here too. Don't think I have any but will check.

jeee Sun 12-Dec-10 21:16:01

I think that wraps tend to have a limited life - mine would only last a few months before becoming less water ight. Boots do the old-fashioned plastic pants very cheaply - but they're not very comfortable. And I once got some motherease covers from poundland.

cornflakegirl Sun 12-Dec-10 21:44:57

Thanks all. Have registered with Clothnappytree (am having to try to ignore the tickers! ;)

Can I post a wanted ad here without paying the £10 fee? I can't quite work out the protocol of the For Sale boards.

duvetheaven Sat 18-Dec-10 16:17:29

Try ukparentslounge as well.

duvetheaven Sat 18-Dec-10 16:20:34

Just had a quick look on ukparentslounge and there are some ME wraps on there for sale. I have found it quite good to post on Wanted there as well. Hth.

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