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Flips with disposable inserts

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mmcous Fri 03-Dec-10 11:52:39

We're going on a two-week trip and I'm thinking of using Flips with disposable inserts as we already have some Flip covers, and I've been happy with how they've done with the microfibre inserts.

Does anyone have experience using the disposable inserts? I'll probably take cloth for night as she doesn't poo at night and we're staying with family, but we don't have room in our luggage to take the whole stash.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

mrsgordonfreeman Sat 04-Dec-10 13:11:13

The disposable inserts are fine, I haven't had any problems with them but I don't use them much so I couldn't say how they are with poo.

LeggyBlondeNE Mon 06-Dec-10 13:42:33

I used them once and found that they bunched up between the legs and that lead to leakage. I mainly use them for boosgting gthe normal inserts at night.

mmcous Thu 09-Dec-10 17:39:17

Thanks Mrs. Gordon and Leggy! I'll probably buy a pack and see how they do at home before taking them on holiday.

littler1 Fri 10-Dec-10 00:34:58

i used them for my 5 month old when we went abroad for 2 weeks, 1 insert lasted 3 hrs in the day and we used 2 overnight. They do tend to bunch a bit between the legs so if they poop it can go on the wrap- we use paper liners which helped to keep the wrap clean.

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