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This is what i`ve got but am i using the wrong size or doing something wrong ?

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fakeblondie Thu 02-Dec-10 22:55:14

Ok over the years i`ve stashed this lot !

About 3 dozen terries
Full birth to potty bambino mio set
Size 1 tots bots x 12 plus tots bots wraps x 6 size 1.

I used mainly terry nappies with all other dc x 3 but they are 18 15 and 7 !

It been a while.

Baby is 5 months old now and weighs 12lb 9.

Only started using reusables this week as she was poorly for first 3 months with a hospital bug in her bowel which spread to her buttocks and groin-so i am only just relaxing enough to go for this now she has peachy beautiful skin for the first time .

The tots bots i`ve used have leaked every time - dont seem a very snug fit around the legs-it says on line size 1 is for 10-20 pounds which means they should fit her for ages - though these are prob 10 years old.

Bambino mio-same - size small wrap up to 15 lbs left marks on her tummy and leg and leaked through the actual wrap immediately.

So prob go back to good old terry-i used to use a motherease wrap with these but gave them away - not much to look at but fantastic.
Could you recommend a really really good wrap as i`ll be using them day and night and the tots bots / b m ones arent that good.

Anyone had any joy with b mio ?

Am i maybe using wrong size in tots bots ? Or could i use them with a better wrap maybe ?

I`m not going to buy more nappies as need to use what i`ve got.

Ariela Thu 02-Dec-10 23:10:29

If the Tots Bots are several years old, it's quite possible that as they were last used ona 20lb something baby, that the elastic hasn't kept too well and are a bit stretched OR the wraps/elastic have perished - if they were kept stuffed in the back of the airing cupboard the heat might have got to them?

For the Bambino Mio - try wrapping the prefold round and securing on with a Nappi Nippa. This should contain within the nappy = less to leak onto the wraps.

However I am concerned about the wraps - I think new might solve the issue.

I'd say good old trusty Motherease wraps would work best. Still the same!

fakeblondie Thu 02-Dec-10 23:50:53

Thanks-yes i think i`ll buy some motherease and didnt realise i could fold the b mio differrent ways-just googled that and some great folds.

Yes the wraps have been in the airing cupboard for about a year !
And thank you

ziggyf Fri 03-Dec-10 17:35:29

Definitely try new wraps, should solve your problems. Any nappy + ME wrap is pretty bombproof in my experience. I've just tried Thirsties Duo wraps which I loved (unexpectedly as I'm a ME girl!) but they are great and economical too - you could probably go straight to the 2nd size now and just have that size til PTing.

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