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Justtrying Thu 02-Dec-10 08:36:57

Expecting our first DC in may and certain I want to use cloth, should I buy in advance, (I'm a bit of a control freak and like to be organised) or do I wait and see what suits DC after they are born.
I was thinking of starting with terry squares with a wrap for when they are a newborn, then i like the look of Bumgenius V4, aplix or poppers best? I also am considering Wonderoos, little lamb bamboo for night and perhaps a few Tots bots for some coloured variety.
We don't have a dryer but do have plenty of radiators and airers and DC will go to nursery at 6 months.
Any guidance is much appreciated thanks.

RuthChan Thu 02-Dec-10 13:04:37

I was sure I wanted to use cloth, but didn't know as much about them as you seem to!
Personally, I bought a trial selection from the Nappy Lady website.
I waited a couple of weeks, using disposables, while DD and I settled into life together and formed a routine. Then I started trying the nappies I had and decided which suited us.
It was then that I bought a full set and never looked back.
If you already know which ones you're interested in using, why not buy a couple or few of each and see how you go. If you like them then buy more, if not you can try something different.
Using a few disposables at the beginning while you're finding your feet is not a crime.

AmyFarrahFowler Thu 02-Dec-10 15:48:11

If I were you I'd do terries or a shapedd newborn nappy at first, a teddy or a diddy diaper etc, maybe second hand to cut the costs as the won't be used for long, then plan on getting your full kit after trialling some on your DC.

I bought a full birth to potty kit before DD1 was born, only kept them for 5 months before selling and buying a different type altogether!!

BlueChampagne Thu 02-Dec-10 15:59:59

Check with your local council - they may do a free trial pack.

GuernseyFrench Thu 02-Dec-10 16:12:15

I had a rough idea of what I wanted to use before birth (BG v3). I then went to see the area nappy advisor who had a big selection of nappies for me to look at. I then decide to go for the Bumgenius one as they were all in one and one size and buy 15 of them before DS was born.

DS is now 10 months old, still in his BG and I bought an additional 10 to permit the home-nursery supply.

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