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little lambs bamboo or pocket?

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beijingaling Thu 02-Dec-10 06:35:29

I'm pretty set on the little lambs but feeling a bit torn between the bamboo ones and the pocket ones. Does anyone have any feedback or preference? DC due in FIVE weeks so I better get cracking on ordering!


mrsgordonfreeman Thu 02-Dec-10 15:53:37

I had the bamboo ones, they were all right but I didn't like the idea of dd being completely wrapped in wet nappy, iyswim.

I use bumgenius for preference these days, the pocket means you don't have to make up and put them on perfectly every time, ideal when you are sleep deprived with a newborn.

The bamboo takes ages to dry, so if you do go for those, it might be an idea to get some microfibre ones too.

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