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Nappy for a front sleeper?

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bubblebabeuk Sat 27-Nov-10 06:36:41

I use Pampers on my 16 week old DS, he has reflux and his consultant recommended sleeping on his front with an apnea alarm. when we used cheap nappies they sometimes pulled the monitor away when they swelled setting it off.
he now sleeps from 10pm until 7am, so has a new nappy at 10pm, he's started waking at 5am and he's absolutely soaked through his vest, babygrow and sleepsuit.
the nappies are absolutely fine all day and the next size up is too big and gets in the way of his apnea monitor. I don't really want to have to wake him during the night just to change him, and ruin his good sleeping, anyone got suggestions of a good nappy thats maybe more absorbant at the front. I say this because the nappies are swollen at the front but dry at the back, so maybe they are designed for back sleepers? sorry for waffling

welshbyrd Sat 27-Nov-10 12:47:40

Maybe you change the apnea monitor,

Ive had 2 babies since a cot death, and used apnea monitors on both.

I didnt use the ones that you attach to your child, i used the pad under the mattress

Really didnt fancy my child attached to a machine out and about etc.

perphaps asking to change to a different monitor

Panzee Sat 27-Nov-10 12:48:41

I find Pampers are rubbish. Huggies are my favourite for overnight.

chabbychic Sat 27-Nov-10 12:49:40

I used to pull them up as far as they'd go up the tummy before attaching the strips.

bubblebabeuk Wed 01-Dec-10 16:32:27

I wouldn't want to change the apnea monitor to an under matress type simply because when he's in the carseat, pram or sling he wouldn't be being monitored.

Just incase anyone else finds this thread because of a search..............

don't bother trying the disposables on backwards to stop leaks, it doesn't work! confused

Also tried Huggies, whilst much better from a leakage point of view still not irradicated the problem.

Finally what seems to of worked (so far) has been to put my 16 week old DS into my DD2 18months nappies size 4+ with as was suggested above to pull them up as far as possible before attatching the strips.

Thankyou to everyone for their suggestions

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