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good real nappy for large chubby baby

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MonkeyChicken Fri 26-Nov-10 21:18:34

my DC2 is much larger and chubbier than my DC1 who is tall but lean. He is just 16 weeks old, 18lb 11oz and already grown out of the motherease medium wraps I have and almost out of the bambinex teddy nappies. My DC2 is still in the flexi totsbots but I'm not wild about them, they smell however many times I strip them and I bought them having heard they were good for tall lean children.

Anyway, I'm thinking about buying some (secondhand) nappies specfically for DC2. I was thinking some motherease or totsbots both with poppers.

Does anyone have any advice. I'm currently spending a fortune on disposables!!!

Pingpong Fri 26-Nov-10 23:57:16

Bumgenius v4 pocket nappy has been designed for bigger babies, it is still a birth to potty but has an extra set of poppers in the rise compared to the v3. The flip covers from the bumgenius range are the same size.
I don't actually have any of the v4s in my stash but the flip covers are the only nappies I have for DD2 that is not yet opened out fully!
Like you my DD2 was considerably bigger than my DD1.
There aren't many second hand BG v4s about yet as they were only released in July but I've bought some flips and inserts (stay dry and organic cotton) on Cloth Nappy Tree

duvetheaven Sun 05-Dec-10 22:24:20

I have found Sandy's (Motherease) to be good for bigger babies and Lucy's Hope Chest nappies great too (look on Cloth Nappy Tree for them). Also Ella's house hemp with poppers well fitting too.

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