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One life nappies

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pinkhyena Mon 15-Nov-10 12:56:48

Does anyone use one life nappies? I tried them on my 3 week old the other day and i'm not sure if I did it properly? When I went to change him (only an hour or so after putting him in it) the wrap didnt hold anything and his clothes were soaked! The nappy was drenched, like it had been dunked in water and the liner i'd put in had got all creased meaning there was poo all over the nappy. I want to use them but not if this is what its going to be like! Can anyone help?

NappyShedSal Mon 15-Nov-10 13:21:20

Nappy liners do get creased up and I didn't bother with paper liners while still at the runny poo stage. I would consider changing to fleece liners as they stay in place, and keep the baby's bottom dry.

Yes Onelife nappies will feel wet - they're doing their job soaking up wee! If the nappy is sodden when you take it off then you need to change more regularly, or add some boosting in. At 3 weeks you are probably using the nappy without its booster and the front folded down. You may need to start using the booster. When OL nappies are folded down you can't popper the booster in, but can lay it around the outside of the nappy. Little boys can benefit from having the booster folded in half, or even tripled so that you've got loads of absorbency right a th the front where little boys need it.

The wrap should be keeping everything contained and dry. Are you using the right size wrap? No gaping leg holes? Have you made sure that every little bit of nappy is tucked in? Also make sure that his vest is not poppered up too tightly, (or trousers too tight) thereby squeezing the wee back out of the nappy. But if the nappy is absolutely sodden then it sounds like it had probably just reached saturation point.

Another point - the nappies will get more absorbent with a few washes (assuming that you're using new ones). But make sure taht you are not using fabric conditioner which will cause teh wee to just run off. Or too much washing detergent which will clog up the fibres and also cut down on absorbency.

Hope that helps.

pinkhyena Mon 15-Nov-10 16:44:49

Thank you! I'm a complete novice with cloth nappies and I need to have a good idea before I try and teach DH how they work lol!

I just used the newborn size but maybe I should try the next size up. DS is a champion wizzer so will have a go with the boosters too though the runny poo is putting me off a bit tbh if its not going to stay on the liners. Wasn't sure if it was because DS is a real wriggler that I couldn't get it to stay in the right place. Oh well will just keep having a play I guess!

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