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pop n grow leaking

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loopylo Sat 13-Nov-10 00:05:27

Hi I'm having trouble with my DD nappies. She is nearly 5 weeks old and have had to put her in disposable nappies despite having 20 of the size one pop n grow nappies, as every time I use then they leak around the leg. Any advise or do i just have to wait ubtil her legs fill out a bit.

NappyShedSal Mon 15-Nov-10 13:25:11

Are you using teh pop'n'gro pockets (as opposed to the birt-to-potty variety)?

If so then you will almost certainly need the nappy poppered down. You may need to use teh bigger booster, or possibly even both.

But to get a better leg fit you may need to do the velcro tabs up slightly differently. Rather than doing them straight across her tummy, pull them up as if they coming up from the hips and the tabs will meet at a slight diagonal angle pointing towards teh middle. This makes the leg holes much much smaller and gives a much better fit. Hope taht makes sense.

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