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Pop-in nappies: bamboo or microfibre; v2 or v3?

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sausagedoesnotroll Mon 08-Nov-10 10:49:23


We've been trialing some reusables recently prior to buying some more for DC2, who's due in January. Our existing nappies are Tots Bots "original" terry ones which have been fine, but are very bulky on little babies and take forever to dry, so we're looking to buy something a bit more sophisticated.

Of the types we tried (with DS who is nearly 18 months), the best seemed to be the Pop-in dream dri, but they are ££££.

We tried the Microfibre v2 which seemed great and dried really quickly (in less than half the time of our tots bots), but I know the v3 is about to come out. Has anyone tried v3 and v2? Are v3 significantly better? If not, I'm inclined to try to buy up some v2 cheap while they're on special offer.

Also, what is the difference between the bamboo ones and the microfibre? Presumably they are slower to dry - significantly so? Are they better in other ways?

Would be glad to know of other people's experiences before we commit ourselves to buying any, especially anyone who's used them with a newborn, as an 18-month-old is rather a different kettle of fish I'd have thought.


wakeupeverybody Thu 11-Nov-10 13:15:15

I've used dreami dri and bamboo pop-ins on my DD2 from a few weeks old. Haven't tried v3 though- these were both v2. Like you I had tots bots for DD1 (cotton and Fluffles). Really like the all in one design, and they are so much slimmer than the Tots Bots. Dreami Dri do dry considerably quicker than the bamboo original ones. I find the bamboo takes at least 24 hours if not longer to dry. However, when she was small, I found that the dreami dri did tend to leak (even after only 2 hours), whereas the bamboo did not. Now she is older (11m) they don't seem to leak as much- not sure what that is about- I think she has started weeing less, if that is possible!?
I really love them not being too bulky, have found it has meant that I am prepared to use reusables when out and about.
They are a little bulky on a newborn, even when all folded down, but that is true for all birth to potty I think. When she was small, I prefered my tots bots size 1 fluffles/cotton ones.


sausagedoesnotroll Thu 11-Nov-10 14:57:27

Hmmm...that's interesting. Thanks.

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