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Econobums? Or, other affordable birth to potty kits?

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NurseSunshine Fri 05-Nov-10 09:30:21

Have you used Econobums? I've found a kit that's just about within my teeny budget. Do you think it's a good deal?

Or, could you suggest another good, affordable kit?


NurseSunshine Sun 07-Nov-10 20:49:02

Anyone who can help?

AuntAda Sun 07-Nov-10 20:52:16

Terry squares folded into a pad and held in place with poppered wraps. No pins, no kite folds, no fancy velcro. Cheap as chips (well the wraps aren't, but you can sell them on afterwards) and when your nappying days are over you have a lifetimes supply of cleaning cloths.

For very tiny newborns you can use muslins instead of terries.

Simples. smile

whatagradeA Sun 07-Nov-10 20:58:40

I got this kind of thing from ebay. I spent about £80 on enough for birth to potty (with a few extra inserts that I already had, or cleaning cloths from the supermarket).

I've got 15, they're lasting really well and I love them! They dry really quickly fit well. Love 'em!

Ariela Mon 08-Nov-10 00:18:43

Terries are always good value: iesuk/terries-2-c.asp

Or prefolds 33ECOKIT.html

If you fold and secure with a Nappi Nippa, containment is just as good as any fitted nappy IMO.

RobynLou Mon 08-Nov-10 00:21:54

terries and a nappy nippa with plastic pants, we spent about £25 on all the nappies we'll ever need for all our children!

NurseSunshine Mon 08-Nov-10 20:47:10

Thanks everyone.

RobynLou where did you get the plastic pants from?

whatagradeA Mon 08-Nov-10 22:10:00

I found the terries wore out after 1 baby. Went quite thin and were much less absorbant.

AuntAda Mon 08-Nov-10 22:11:31

Buy good-quality terries, def. Mine were mainly from Mothercare, did three children and are now in use as cleaning cloths.

RobynLou Mon 08-Nov-10 23:01:41

plastic pants from mothercare, they do buckets with lids etc too. we got everything from there. /dp/B001EVBJ22/sr=1-21/qid=1289256998/ref=sr_1_21/ 276-6931893-6299156?_encoding=UTF8&m=A2LBKNDJ2KZUG Q&n=44532031&mcb=core

they're quite voluminous - fitted DD snugly around the waist and thighs, but she had quite a lot of spare plastic pant on her bum.

My DD wore some terries which my mum had had in the loft for 25 years - she was the 4th baby to wear them, and they'll still be ok for the one I'm pg with now!

They're so useful to have around for mopping up/using as an impromptu change mat etc.

I really can't fault terries, the folds are so easy, after a week you'll be doing it without thinking, and so adjustable if you use a nippa that I don't believe any prefold nappy could fit as well.

RobynLou Mon 08-Nov-10 23:03:21

oh and they dry so so so quickly, we had a few fancy nappies we got as presents, and they took forever because there was so much thick fabric.

NurseSunshine Tue 09-Nov-10 20:03:29

Really helpful, thanks everyone

Ariela Wed 10-Nov-10 01:40:16

We found plastic pants tended to go brittle with washing, and to crack easily. Also the elastic is so very thin it cuts in. We preferred Bummis pull on pants, they're made of PUL coated nylon so are softer, much harder wearing and are not crackly so are much quieter when on. Also the leg elastic is very comfortable.

RobynLou Wed 10-Nov-10 10:50:57

we had some of those and they constantly leaked...
never had a problem with brittle/cracking plastic pants, in fact still have most of them to use for DC2 when it arrives.
nappies are really a case of suck it and see, you won't really know what you'll get on with until you try. At least terries are v cheap to try smile

Nocoffeenoworkee Thu 25-Nov-10 11:14:25

BumGenius Flip - they're amazing for my heavy wetter. I've sold some used ones on Ebay for about half the price I paid so it's worth having a look as the Flips were new to market early this year so any second hand ones will only have been used for 1 baby in theory! I think I spent about £90 in total on brand new nappies, but did have the benefit of a £30 rebate from my local council - do check if yours does the same.

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