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bum genius advice

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mumsgotatum Wed 06-Oct-10 09:04:20


Does anyone know about Bum genius all-in-ones. They come with 2 inserts, one adjustable with snappers and then another one that you lay on top and insert into the nappy.
Are you supposed to use both inserts all the time? Is one just an infant insert...they make the nappy quit bulky...thanks

mrsgordonfreeman Wed 06-Oct-10 11:12:28

The smaller insert is a booster. You can use it along with the longer insert at night or to make it fit a smaller baby.

I use a bamboo booster usually as it makes the nappy less bulky but the standard one is fine.

MaiTai1 Thu 11-Nov-10 13:04:29

I use Bum them after all the fab reviews I read...had nothing but trouble, they leak EVERYDAY. I have to change them every 2 hrs, forget night time use I bought some bamboo boosters, but I'm switching to disposables as they literally leave my baby drenched in his own urine.

I really am quite bemused as to how all these people find them so fantastic. They are, in my opinion one of the worst buys I EVER made.

KirstyJC Thu 11-Nov-10 13:09:20

I have been using BG version 3 on my little one for almost 2 years - they are the mainstay of my nappy stash and virtually never leak - only a couple of times where he has had a longer nap than expected and therefore I didn't change him for about 6 hours blush and we only ever use the bigger of the 2 inserts. (Mind you, he isn't a heavy wetter). I haven't tried them at night though, as he uses a bamboo nappy with wool outer then.

The BG are very adjustable and we all like them - DH and nursery use them fine.

It does really depend though - some people don't get on with certain nappies (see above!!smile) I have tried nappies other people have raved about and not liked them at all. If you find the 2 inserts too bluky then try with one only, you might find it works OK for you too!

GoingToBonnieDoon Thu 11-Nov-10 15:51:25

I used the small insert on its own when DD was teeny tiny, then used the poppered insert on sappropriate size setting on its own and then, with older DD use them both together. Though now DD1 is doing mega wees I am going to have to boost with something else too.

MilkNoSugarPlease Sun 14-Nov-10 10:15:21

MaiTai, I love you you seem to be the only other person that agrees with me that BG are crapola

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