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2.5 y/o dd scared of potties.

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Caththerese1973 Sun 21-Aug-05 08:35:40

have just seriously started toilet training dd. I have her in washable training pants at home. Every half hour or so I ask her if she wants to try for a wee or pooh. No 'hits' as of yet - just accidents (but it's only been a few days). I have noticed that she seems actively fearful of poohing in the potty, though. Eg yesterday she was sitting on potty and a tiny little bit came out, so I praised madly etc and tried to get her to keep sitting, as I knew there would be more, but she wouldn't. So I pulled her pants up again and she simply poohed (big time) in the pants. It was as if she was holding on until I put the pants back on. I think the whole sensation of NOT poohing in her pants is somehow un-nerving to her.
Any suggestions as to how to overcome this?

Twiglett Sun 21-Aug-05 08:50:54

it is scary being potty trained .. if you think of it she doesn't know that poo is supposed to go away as previously its been held close to her body all she knows is that something is coming out of her body

if it was me I think I'd put her back in nappies then start to talking to her in simple terms about food and how your body takes all the goodness out and what's left comes out in poo .. also talk up what being a big girl is all about (and the difference is pooing on the loo.. let her see you on the loo (and DH).. and get a poo reward chart


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