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Public Loos and potties

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Lmccrean Sat 20-Aug-05 15:08:50

Is it acceptable, if there is a long queue for the toilets to bring my dd into the room (not a cubicle) and set her on her potty? We havent actually got to this stage, as when she realises she needs to go Ive maybe 30 seconds til theres a puddle on the floor. I wont be taking her out without a nappy til she can wait a few mins, but I waited for a loo at local shopping center for 10 mins yesterday and it got me thinking what i would do when dd needed to go! (disabled and baby changing room are always locked! - disabled I understand, but baby changing one I dont)

foxinsocks Sat 20-Aug-05 15:14:24

first of all, make a plan in your head of where all the loos are in the area you are going (you'll probably have a fair idea of which ones have large queues and which ones don't)

When mine were at this stage, I used to apologise to the queue and ask if we could go next (saying 'sorry, she's desperate, do you mind if we use the toilet next') - no-one ever said no - it's mostly old dears or mums in the queue anyway! Normally, a toddler hopping up and down and holding their bits makes everyone move out the way and clear the way to the loo!

morningpaper Sat 20-Aug-05 15:22:26

I would say it is acceptable, yes, but then you are stuck with the problem of finding loo-roll, cleaning up your dd and the potty, with 20 people watching you. Rinsing the potty in a public sink is a no-no IMO.

The alternative is to use the men's which I have resorted to on occasion.

MaloryTowers Sat 20-Aug-05 15:28:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaloryTowers Sat 20-Aug-05 15:30:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

morningpaper Sat 20-Aug-05 15:33:04

I REALLY don't like potties being rinsed in the sink - there's rarely enough room to do it properly without touching the taps and I think it's a bit rude TBH. Fine if it's your own child's deposits but it's NOT fine if it's someone else's.

MaloryTowers Sat 20-Aug-05 15:36:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hercules Sat 20-Aug-05 15:39:32

No way would I do this in public! Fine for your own home but not in a public sink!

Oooh, we could start a new thread to liven sat up!

myermay Sat 20-Aug-05 15:40:28

Message withdrawn

hercules Sat 20-Aug-05 15:41:07

I'd do it at home though.

lockets Sat 20-Aug-05 15:41:53

Message withdrawn

MaloryTowers Sat 20-Aug-05 15:41:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hercules Sat 20-Aug-05 15:47:12

I would be extremely offended at a dog's poo not being cleaned up.

A sink is a place to wash in though used by other people!

Lmccrean Sat 20-Aug-05 15:47:32

in regards to disposing, if they dont mind you jumping the q to let her wee, im sure they wouldnt mind you nippin in to empty it, right? wave it in front of them a bit maybe, lol?! and would bring the flushable wipes that dd uses - not kandoo, but cant remember name right now..

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