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stuffing for pocket nappies (microfibre?)

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MummyPig Fri 19-Aug-05 00:30:58

What do other people use to stuff their pocket nappies with? I'm particularly interested in microfibre options due to good absorbency/width properties. Do you make your own stuffing or use bought inserts?

Up till now I've stuffed ds2's pocket nappies with terry squares as I've mostly used them at night and don't worry about bulk. But I'm now using them in the day. I have been using a 3-layer terry 'booster' plus a microfibre cloth, but this doesn't seem to be enough. I'm changing ds2's nappies loads and I have had to change his trousers on a few occasions. I haven't had this problem before with my two-piece system.

loobywoof Fri 19-Aug-05 00:55:09

I've been using the microfibre terry inserts in my fuzzis and I'm also having to change DD lots. She is only 5 months but she seems to be a heavy wetter. These last few days I've been using some home made boosters - just a cheap cotton flannel as extra absorbancy. Seems to work ok if I put the extra padding just in the right place. Might buy some proper microfibre inserts eventually. I'd also be interested in what other mums use. I love fuzzis but so far they don't seem to be as reliable for us as they are for other folks.

Chuffed Fri 19-Aug-05 10:17:37

I have the fuzzi microfibre inserts which last probably about 3hrs. I find that once they get to a certain wetness they sort of bend in the middle inside the pocket and then there is nothing actually right at the legs if you know what I mean.
The best inserts I've found which last about 5 hrs are the wonderfulls hemp inserts when you put both bits in. (I only have 1) It is still quite slim fitting too but they are a lot more expensive at about £6 a pop. When I have access to a sewing machine I'm going to make a few of my own.

Yorkiegirl Fri 19-Aug-05 10:19:46

Message withdrawn

Pollyanna Fri 19-Aug-05 10:54:08

I have been using the microfibre inserts, but just recently dd3's fuzzis have started leaking (she's 7 months). I've just ordered a couple of wonderfull hemp inserts to try those.

flowerfairy Fri 19-Aug-05 20:39:08

I sometimes use 2 microfibre inserts or 1 and add extra microfibre cloths in the right place for ds. or any other kind of absorbant material I can lay my hands for boosting.

Pixiefish Fri 19-Aug-05 21:12:56

I bought some microfibre cloths from tesco and fold them in 3. They're about a quid each

MummyPig Sat 20-Aug-05 01:33:32

thanks all for your replies. I might order some of those wonderfull inserts and cut up some terries to use as boosters in the meantime. I have been using the microfibre cloths but it doesn't seem to be quite enough.

Lmccrean Sat 20-Aug-05 14:19:06

Im selling my Mother of Eden inserts as dd is nearly out of nappies completely. have both sizes- you can see them here

havent sorted them out yet-dont even know how many I have of each size, but if your interested post here, and ill check back later tonight when i sort them out (my registered email address for CATing is incorrect)

vkone Sat 20-Aug-05 17:19:19

I use the MOE microfibre with an ella's house hemp insert (these are dead thin and dry well as they are two layers folded to make 4).

That lot usually does my son 4 hrs (he's 19 mths). I'd definitely recommend getting hemp 2nd hand so you don't have to wash it to max absorbancy (something like 8 to 12 washes apparently!!!).

I've also found Happy Heiny's hemp good, they're abit like wonderfulls as the come in two parts and dry quite well

MummyPig Sat 20-Aug-05 21:22:16

lmcream, I would be interested in those inserts if you've sorted them out. Large ones preferable. We're going away for about four days next week so if you CAT me I probably won't respond v quickly but if you don't mind putting them aside I can pay you when we get back.

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