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Helping mother after surgery, what should I charge?

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tellin9 Tue 12-Jun-18 13:07:20

I have been asked to help care for a 10 month old baby boy as his mother is having minor surgery and will struggle to look after him. I am wanted to live in on 8 specific days. What should I charge for the 8 days? I live in the West Midlands.

nannynick Wed 13-Jun-18 05:41:20

Do you mean doing 24/7 care for 8 days in a row? If not, you say a day, how long is a day?
Why live-in?

Consider how much you need to earn and what the client is able to afford. What you need to earn may not be affordable. For 24 hour care it could easily be £150+ per 24-hour period and £150 would be under minimum wage. So maybe it needs to be £20 if 24hrs.

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