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Ofsted inspection....

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Whatthefunk Tue 30-Jan-18 21:23:36

Hi all. I've got my inspection coming up, and spoke to the inspector today, about times, and dates. She said that I should expect it to last 3 hours. Did I hear right? I'm sure the others were done within an hour....

nannynick Tue 30-Jan-18 22:26:22

Half an hour at most for a nanny inspection. Hope your inspector does not think you are a childminder.

Whatthefunk Wed 31-Jan-18 16:25:59

So do I....thanks 😁

Maniacmum Thu 01-Feb-18 14:49:30

A friend of mine had one as a Nanny and got told off for not having a fire escape/route planned....just to give you a heads-up.

Whatthefunk Thu 01-Feb-18 16:58:04

On my first One, the inspector was far more interested in my bosses house, than my insurance documents.....grin

MissMooMoo Wed 14-Feb-18 10:07:26

I also have an inspection coming up, I have just returned after Mat leave, worst timing for me!
I have everything in order but realised that my police check is a CRB that ofsted did when I registered,my employers said they did not need an updated DBS so I never got one done blush will ofsted be expecting a DBS and how do I go about getting one?

I have all my certs up to date, what will they be expecting to see?

Whatthefunk Wed 14-Feb-18 10:28:43

Hi there. I spoke to Nannypaye last week, and your original CRB still stands. You only have to have a new one, if someone ie employer, or organisation asks you to. They will want to see, first aid cert (though apparently not mandatory), Insurance documents, and any childcare qualifications. The rest of the Inspection is just asking about safeguarding/ childcare

Whatthefunk Thu 15-Feb-18 14:30:40

Aced it! Really straightforward. Just have all your documentation, and read up on safeguarding, and child protection smile

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