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Feckin Ofsted

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EmilyChambers79 Wed 06-Dec-17 17:20:33

I'm a Nanny. Employers want me to register with Ofsted. They are paying so no issue for me.

Have filled out Ofsted form and submitted it. Letter came yesterday saying once they have received my first aid certificate and payment, application will be processed. Have sent off certificate yesterday, paid invoice yesterday.

Had a phonecall today. They said they need to phone to check suitability of people working with children and to ensure they have had no dealings with Social Services. Because of this, they need to know where I was living in 2004 (I was childless and living at home with Dad and Stepmom)

I said I was at home with my Dad and they said, "oh, no Mom around?" And I replied that I lived with my Dad. She then asked for the address which I gave and then said that she couldn't discuss the application with me further and that someone would call me back tomorrow to let me know if I can go on the voluntary register and if they deem me fit enough to work with children.

Is this normal? It seemed a bit odd how she can't discuss it with me further. I've worked in childcare since 1998 and recently moved into Nannying so have DBS/CRB with no gaps for the past 21 years along with full address history etc.

If I can't register with Ofsted then my employees have said they would have to give me my notice as Ofsted Registration is very important to them.

nannynick Wed 06-Dec-17 18:59:30

It is normal to check social service records. You have nothing to hide so simply answer their questions and let them do their job. They are making an assessment as to your suitability and that includes anything that social services flags as being a potential concern.
Just because something is on record it does not mean it is a concern, just something they need to investigate. If necessary they will arrange a visit to meet with you and discuss in more depth - at which point you then will be told why they need to discuss whatever the concern is regarding.
Just be honest with them as best as your memory enables.

EmilyChambers79 Wed 06-Dec-17 19:48:52

That's a relief. I've never had any dealings with Social services but when I asked why they were asking, she said she couldn't discuss it with me.

Thanks again for helpful advice and reassurance!

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