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Any nannies around?

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SundayNC Sun 22-Oct-17 16:35:30

I’m just looking for some advice really. I am currently a nursery nurse and I just graduated with my early years degree. I have 3 years experience working in a nursery but am now looking for a change. The change is not due to my dislike of the job or setting. I adore the children I work with and have worked with them since they were small babies. I also love the people I work with and think we make a fantastic team. I am considering leaving due to some personal issues with my manager (not work related, more just a conflict of interests) and get the feeling it would be best for all involved if I went to work elsewhere. Also the pay in nurseries is pretty appalling and with my degree and few years experience, feel I deserve more than minimum wage. Not sure why any of that’s relevant but just abit of background.

I am with a nanny agency and have been to one interview and got the job, however I declined it in the end because I was really unsure if it was what I wanted to do and didn’t want to mess the family around.

Basically my fear is that I will be really lonely and get bored working alone as a nanny. I’m a fairly sociable person and enjoy working with my colleagues at the nursery, I feel like I bounce well off other people and that working with others makes me a better practitioner.

I was really sad to decline the nanny job offer because the family were lovely and the children were really sweet. Due to the age of the children I think the role would have been challenging but with my experience working with children the same age I could have done it just fine and really helped them grow.

Sorry for waffling but basically my question is: would you say you are quite a sociable person, or more introverted? And do you struggle with the loneliness of your job? Do you miss the adult contact? Obviously there are groups you can attend during the day but still, a large part of the day is spent alone with your charges. Do you have any other advice for me? I’m really struggling to decide what to do and it’s beginning to cause me a lot of stress!

marsandgalaxy Sun 22-Oct-17 17:52:42


I'm a nanny and used to work in schools before that. You sound similar to me, I'm quite a social person and work well with other adults. I have found that nanny can be lonely, but once I found some nanny friends it became quite a nice sociable job again - but yes, you can have days when it feels quite lonely. I also find that you get so much more freedom, I enjoy taking my charge to the coffee shop and having a coffee and snack. But as you say, the pay in nannying is much better. Its a pros and cons for both jobs but it sounds like you could thrive as a nanny. You are welcome to message me if you have any particular questions

nannynick Sun 22-Oct-17 21:57:39

>would you say you are quite a sociable person?

>And do you struggle with the loneliness of your job?
No. I don't mind being just me and the children.
Sometimes we may meet up with a local childminder or nanny or parent with similar aged child if I know then quite well (such as meeting them through school/toddler group and the children becoming friends).

>Do you miss the adult contact?

>Do you have any other advice for me?
Everyone is different so your questions are a bit pointless. You need to decide how much adult interaction you need. You then need to see if you can find a job where you would get that interaction... it can be hard to find a nanny job where there is already a social group in place. Location may play a very important part, as I have worked in villages, often being the only nanny in the village. So I got to know the local childminder.

Perhaps try to research if there are other nannies in your local area. There are various nanny facebook groups and you can also use childcare listing sites to get a feel for if there are nannies in the area (search the site as though you were a parent looking for a nanny).

Caulk Sun 22-Oct-17 21:59:25

I found nannying lonely. It was easier when the youngest wasn’t in nursery as we did lots of classes and groups. When she was in nursery each morning I struggled as there were less things to do that fitted with the times we had.

Yerazig Mon 23-Oct-17 08:43:06

I’ve been a nanny for around 10yrs. I came from a nursery background. I don’t find it lonely now but I did when I started. It’s hard but compared to when I started there’s lots of nanny Facebook groups. Always nannies looking for nanny’s in their local area. But one thing I would only take on a job where there’s lots of playgroups classes etc so you have more chances to meet other people. I work in East London and would only work in certain parts of East London because I know there wouldn’t high percentage of nannies

SundayNC Mon 23-Oct-17 20:28:37

Thanks for all the advice, I have a lot to think about! smile

Callaird Mon 23-Oct-17 21:42:28

I've been a nanny for over 30 years and it's quite an isolated life! I am quite introverted and find it difficult to talk to others.

When I first started I knew no nannies for the first 6 years, thankfully I met some nice mums and the boys were quite sociable so made friends easily and then I'd put myself out for the sake of the children and ask to meet up with them again at the park, a group, soft play.

Then I moved to London, our next door neighbours had a nanny and she knew loads and I had a blast!

If there are lots of nannies locally then you'll probably be ok. There are lots of Facebook nanny groups, you could join a few of those to see if there a nannies locally.

Then you'll get old and not want to listen to the younger nannies about their weekend exploits! I'm just jealous because I need to be in bad by 10pm as I'm old!!!!

silverraven123 Thu 26-Oct-17 20:13:39

I have been in your position, I went from nursery work to nannying for the reasons you are considering it. However, I did find I got quite lonely despite meeting up with other nannies and a few au pairs, so after a few years went back to nursery work in a management role for a company that pays pretty well (as nurseries go!). I really missed having colleagues and meeting up with nannies just wasn't the same! I also found the change of pace didn't really suit me.

That being said, I have a couple of friends who have gone from nurseries to nannying and far prefer it (and couldnt understand why I went back!) so I suppose you won't know till you try it!

SundayNC Sun 29-Oct-17 17:49:04

Silver see what happened to you is what I picture happening to me! I love having a laugh during the day and sharing the funny things the children have done or said. I enjoy going out with my work colleagues at the weekend and chatting to them after work. I imagine I’ll enjoy nannying more when I’m abit older.

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