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Nanny not getting paid sick days

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nannyoverloaded Fri 29-Sep-17 11:07:11

I need some advice!

I'm a new nanny in London and working for a nice family with good hours. I get along really well with the kids and the parents have said that I'm a great nanny. However I feel like they don't respect me as an employee. I'm getting a very low rate for central London but since most would consider me to be a junior nanny I'm fine with the salary for now even though it really is very low considering how hard I work (multiple children, more and more non-child related chores, no time to even eat). I also only get my normal rate for overtime.

I recently got really ill for a couple of days, a bug I think I got from the children. I am yet to see a contract but requested 5 paid sick days in a year. The parents did not agree and said the days will be taken from my holiday (28 days a year) or they will be unpaid. I think that is very unfair especially when they are also paying a low salary and I will likely mainly get ill because of their kids. Is it the norm in London not to give a nanny any paid sick days? It just makes me not want to work for this family if I'm not getting anything else that is not required of them by law even though I do SO MUCH extra things for the family (doing their dishes, running their errands etc). When I started this job everything seemed perfect but it's getting worse and worse by week.

Any help would be appreciated.

hiyasminitsme Fri 29-Sep-17 11:08:10

no pay for the first 3 days of any sick leave then SSP is pretty standard for nannies. how much are you paid per hour (gross)? what is in your contract? are they doing it properly with a payslip or cash in hand?

Somerville Fri 29-Sep-17 11:16:09

I'm a (potential) nanny employer, currently talking to agencies wrt interviewing.
From the sample contracts they've sent me, no paid sick days beyond SSP looks standard around me - SE but not London. As does overtime paid only at normal rate.

Also they advised that many experienced nannies generally come to work with viruses they caught from the kids (since they know there is no risk of transmission to said kids) and have something of a duvet day with them. So totally number of sick days is not generally high.

If you say your salary/hourly rate then I'm sure people can advise on how low it is and what more you could expect if you moved on quickly.
One of the most important things we're looking at, though, is a nannies references. So possibly it's advisable for you to stay for a year, if you don't have professional childcare references already. But only if everything about your employment is legit - you should have a contract, be earning at least nmw, statutory holiday and sick pay, payroll organised, etc.

nannyoverloaded Fri 29-Sep-17 11:29:46

I'm getting £10.5 gross per hour for one of the richest postcodes in London. This obviously also means that my rent will be v high because I need to live relatively close to them. I'm definitely not expecting a rate that very experienced nannies get but please believe when I say that it is definitely low considering how demanding the role is! I do also have previous experience, just not quite as much that most people demand here.

Other nannies that I've talked to in my area do get paid sick leave but maybe it's not the norm in general after all. Just seems unfair to me but I guess I just need to suck it up until I have the experience to find a family who are willing to do a bit more for the nanny. I was actually very ill with a very high fever and it could have potentially been dangerous for me to work a normal day. I would definitely go to work with a cold or a headache but if I have a fever that completely knocks me out I'm staying in bed for everyone's safety.

hiyasminitsme Fri 29-Sep-17 11:37:02

yes that's definitely low for central London. I wouldn't fight the battle on sick pay, because that's completely standard - I would start looking for a job that pays better.

I would never ever put paid sick pay in a contract - too risky if the nanny turns out to be workshy. I have paid it at my discretion for genuine illness.

nannynick Fri 29-Sep-17 14:57:02

As a nanny I cannot recall when I have ever taken a sick day. So agree with other posters that it is common for the contract to be SSP only. That then enables parents to choose on a case by case basis to pay in full for the occasional sick day.

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 29-Sep-17 22:21:41

I've usually had sick pay in my contract - but only used it when had a dvt and in hospital 2w

Ssp is normal but also have in contract that if I catch something the children had I would have full pay

You said a bug Assume kids sick previously

£10 gross islow but depends on your age and experience - plus you accepted the job at that salary

Contract - always sign BEFORE start a job

Ttbb Fri 29-Sep-17 22:25:26

You neeed to get a contract asap-or leave before you've signed anything

squiglyline Fri 20-Oct-17 08:34:59

I am an experienced nanny and I have 4paid sick days per year. I have been in employment with 1 family for 2 years and over the 2 years I have taken 4 days. One due to a scratched cornea and I couldn't see out of my eye at all (it was scratched in 4 places) and when I had a miscarriage.
I have my own contract that I have used since I started nannying which I put together and have never had a family question my sick days being paid.

sparechange Fri 20-Oct-17 09:54:43

I’m currently looking at hiring a nanny so have spoken to a few agencies (in London) and they have a told me statutory sick pay and maternity pay is standard

You seem to be aggrieved that they aren’t topping up your (lower end of normal) salary with extra perks but I don’t think it really works like that, unfortunately

Obviously you’ve taken a live-out position with this family but could you consider a live-in position while you build your experience and therefore earning potential?
The gross salary would be lower, but so would your outgoings

LaughingElliot Fri 20-Oct-17 10:07:16

The more and more chores part is ominous. I don’t think you’re going to want to stay with this family beyond a year. Very mean of them.

CharlieCoCo Wed 08-Nov-17 19:47:24

if I'm ill due to my boss (usually scenario as they take time off work-aka stay in my work place when ill) or due to the kids, they pay me still. lucky so far its only been 2 days in my whole career. I have had days where I have done the school run and then napped during the day and had I had young kids at home all day would prob need that day off so I think as a live in nanny I have had more days at work not feeling great, but the 2 days I have had off were due to my boss being off work themselves and not keeping away from me, so get paid as normal-and less faff for them.

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