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Nanny holidays

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Apachepony Tue 11-Apr-17 23:35:07

Just hired a nanny, starting next week. She's just told me her parents have booked her a surprise 2 week holiday in December, the 2 weeks before school breaks up. Those are v busy times in work for us and also not delighted about having to take holiday just before the 2 week Christmas break. Would rather break up my AL, and not have it all in cold and miserable winter! Bit if we refuse this holiday of a lifetime the relationship will start off on a sour note. And she's given lots of notice. Just feeling down about it all, we chose a nanny because we have no family support to cover child illnesses which we found a problem with Creche. But I think I would rather take time off when my child is sick than for a random 2 weeks in December! This is the drawback of nannies isn't it? I'm starting to regret it but going back to work so soon it would be almost impossible to sort something else out. We gave up the place we had in the very in demand Creche when we hired the nanny 🙁

Apachepony Wed 12-Apr-17 07:34:50

How does everyone else handle nanny holidays out of school time?

Emphasise Wed 12-Apr-17 07:37:19

Can you get an agency to provide cover as a one off? Or book two weeks back at the creche?

Apachepony Wed 12-Apr-17 07:38:50

Not a hope with the Creche. Looong waiting list. Tempted to ring them and see if it's too late to have our place back...Not sure we could afford to pay two nannies and also not ideal for baby to have a stranger I would think?

llhj Wed 12-Apr-17 07:40:59

I just never get this' book someone a fortnight's holiday surprise shit'
Who does that? Particularly when you presumably know your dc hasn't even got their foot in the proverbial door yet. I'm sorry but what does the contract say? I'd be calling it as a week and no more. She hasn't even started yet!

JaxingJump Wed 12-Apr-17 07:44:04

Aw that does really suck but it's for one year. You might love her and think it's worth the hassle or you might find you don't like her after a trial period and need to find a new one by summer anyhow. Finding the right nanny can take a bit of trial and error!

NapQueen Wed 12-Apr-17 07:44:13

You could take one week and dh take one week. Not ideal, but still. And although you will be off for two weeks over christmas it isnt masses if annual leave due to the BHs.

I thought generally the rule with Nannies is that they choose half their leave and you choose the other half? So these two weeks are her choice, so you pick the other two.

Scentofwater Wed 12-Apr-17 07:49:52

Erm the holiday is in December? So hardly giving you zero notice! I'm not sure what you can do, but think about how you would feel if your employer ended your contract after a week because you asked for a holiday in 6 months time.

You might find an agency worker brings lots of new fun games/energy that your children love- having a new person for a little bit could be a good thing rather than bad.

PippaFawcett Wed 12-Apr-17 07:55:33

Apache, were there any other candidates that you nearly offered the role to? If this is a dealbreaker for you - and it looks like one of the reasons why you hired a nanny in the first place - then you could withdraw the job offer. Although, you may have to realise that nannies get ill etc as well so sometimes you will end up with sickness to cover too.

I would ask about the creche, because they will always remain open.

Apachepony Wed 12-Apr-17 07:57:14

Yes, this is her half she's choosing. I asked her if a date change was possible, she checked - no (although flights not yet booked) and then said it was fine she wouldn't go. This all by text, I said we didn't want to block such a holiday of a lifetime and I would ring her today. One of her references (unprompted) said she was really good at trying to ensure her holidays at good times. In fairness she's given a lot of notice!

PippaFawcett Wed 12-Apr-17 07:57:35

PS. Someone at my work tried to do similar, she didn't declare the booked holiday during the application/offer process. And her new boss didn't let her have the time off as it was the busiest period for her department, the colleague had to make a choice and she chose her job. I know that isn't ideal, but it can also depend on how much people want the position in the first place. What you don't want is for her to take the job now and then leave nearer the time so she can go on the holiday, it will all depend on how much good nannies are in demand in your area.

wrinkleseverywhere Wed 12-Apr-17 08:03:15

I think the normal rule is that, of the four weeks holiday they usually get, you choose two & they choose two. Nannies who don't have children of their own are usually going to take their holiday in term time because it's so much cheaper. You could have agreed that she could only take it in the school holidays but may have had to increase her salary to compensate her for that.
Looking at the positives, by taking this fortnight, she won't be able to take any annual leave for the rest of the year so this is the only bit you'll have to cover. Actually, that has made me think ... when does her annual leave period start & finish? If your nanny started work on 1st April then, by the time she goes on holiday (say 1st December) she will only have accrued 2/3 of her annual leave entitlement. If you are doing a calendar year annual leave period, then your nanny won't have accrued enough paid leave to take all of this as paid leave so will have to take some as unpaid leave; if you are doing an anniversary of employment leave year, then she can take it all as paid leave but, if she quits before the end of the twelve month period, may have to re-pay some of it. The above examples are dependent on how the contract is worded between the accrual of her choice of leave & your choice of leave.

Apachepony Wed 12-Apr-17 08:07:21

She starts in May so no, she won't have worked enough to choose 2 weeks. She talked about this being her 2 weeks in her text which I did think a bit disingenuous as she won't have 2 weeks by that stage

Stillwishihadabs Wed 12-Apr-17 08:10:12

I think you have to wait and see tbh. She hasn't started yet so presumably she has a probationary period, it may be she is so fantasic that you can accomadate the holiday or you may decide it's not worth the candle. December is a long way away

Nospringflower Wed 12-Apr-17 08:12:39

I think if she is allowed to take 2 weeks of her choosing you cant really complain when they are. Or am I missing something?

LittleBearPad Wed 12-Apr-17 08:16:28

Yes holiday accrues but it's very rare for people to only take holiday once they've earns it in a year. If she left before she'd accrued the time you'd just adjust her final salary.

It's heaps of notice and if she's good I would let it go this year. Your DH and you can split the time. Do you have parents who could stay of friends for a few days.

Crumbs1 Wed 12-Apr-17 08:18:25

It's inconvenient but why would you not want to try and work with it - being flexible and considering nanny's needs is likely to reap benefits in longer term.
Ours had school holidays only leave arrangement but we gave them six weeks paid leave.
Use an agency or ask your nanny if she has a friend from college who might be able to cover. If you build a relationship with a second person, it allows more flexibility and provides back up. We used our nanny's sister sometimes- she was married with a baby but that was fine for the odd day/week.

2014newme Wed 12-Apr-17 08:23:43

What does the contract say about het choosing holidays? If it says she can choose 2 weeks then you may have this issue every year.
One of the reasons I chose nursery not nanny. However My children rarely had time off sick, if you have a sickly child then nanny is a better option.
I wouldn't personally want to spend my few weeks annual leave covering for nanny!

SleepFreeZone Wed 12-Apr-17 08:27:39

If you are not happy can you withdraw the job offer at this stage? I know nothing about employment law so I don't know if it's possible.

Apachepony Wed 12-Apr-17 10:22:33

I haven't drawn up the contract yet, but verbally I said the 2 weeks you choose, 2 weeks we do. Which was stupid really, as in reality she'll have much of august off, so I could have offered 5 or 6 weeks school holiday only, or 5 weeks but only 1 can be out of school holiday. Really wondering if I should try to contact Creche and get the place back.

Dencar Wed 12-Apr-17 11:18:57

Just a suggestion-
As she won't have accrued sufficient time for two weeks of annual leave by that time, you could propose the two weeks as leave without pay.
Explain the tricky situation for yourselves.

If you don't ask/propose you never know. Depending on her circumstances it may not be a problem for her - it maybe. Explore it with her. She may be able to accommodate it- you never know.

If she agrees, then you would have the money to pay a temporary nanny.

2014newme Wed 12-Apr-17 17:24:22

You told her she could choose 2 weeks so she has. How did you plan to cover her 2 weeks holiday? Whatever the plan was, do that. It wouldn't suit me because I wouldn't want to use up precious annual leave to cover nanny holiday but it's what you had thought would work best for you

JakeBallardswife Wed 12-Apr-17 17:30:55

I think you're being a bit unreasonable, she's not started yet and has given you as much notice as is possible. If you liked her then you'll probably be able to sort something out, it might not be massively convenient but I'm fairly certain you could be flexible. Obviously the creche didn't work for you on first thoughts, so go with the Nanny. It may be an idea to say to her one week of this could be holiday the remainder will have to be unpaid. As she's not started that won't be unreasonable and then you can stick to the one week her choice and 3 weeks your choice.

aprilanne Wed 12-Apr-17 17:38:51

i can see your problem but you cant dictate all her holidays .to you its a problem to her its a job just like any other .might be a child centered one but at the end of the day its just a job .thats her two weeks end of story maybe better with the creche although no outside child care is perfect .

Apachepony Wed 12-Apr-17 18:49:04

I don't think I thought it through... I guess I was hoping (based on the reference) that she would try to go within school holidays. I planned to use AL but this is just such bad timing. In retrospect I definitely should have offered more holiday, less choice.

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