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Collectie wisdom required - looking for the name of a song for DS1........

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alwayslookingforanswers Tue 10-Nov-09 17:45:50

all we know is

it's got "Superman" in the lyrics (pretty sure it's not called that though).

DH thinks it's a black american (male) group that did it.

Possibly from last year or the year before. Was also apparently quite popular in clubs.

What is it called and who sang it??

alwayslookingforanswers Tue 10-Nov-09 17:52:03

please..........DH reckons there's no way MN will be able to work it out from the limited info.......I say you can grin

southeastastra Tue 10-Nov-09 17:53:29

crash test dummies did a song about superman but doubt it's them grin

alwayslookingforanswers Tue 10-Nov-09 17:54:40

not sure it's about superman - but it's got a bit about superman (possibly the "refrain" which is repeated a lot I think?)

Flamebat Tue 10-Nov-09 17:55:07

i can name about 5 obscure superman songs... can't put any of them in clubs though tbh

alwayslookingforanswers Tue 10-Nov-09 17:56:20

maybe R'n'B/Rap type music (it's so totally not something I'm into so haven't got a clue grin)

piratecat Tue 10-Nov-09 17:57:12

i just googled, there is song by 'Brown Boy' called Superman? i will look on utube

KEAWYED Tue 10-Nov-09 17:57:14

Soulja boy

KEAWYED Tue 10-Nov-09 17:58:11

It had a dance where you hop to the side a couple of times.

The bloke soulja boy had an s on his clothes.

KEAWYED Tue 10-Nov-09 17:58:56

Just looked it up its called crank dat

piratecat Tue 10-Nov-09 17:59:03 index=17

this ??

KEAWYED Tue 10-Nov-09 18:00:10

Please tell me am I nearly right grin

piratecat Tue 10-Nov-09 18:00:47

ah that soulja boy one, is familiar!!

alwayslookingforanswers Tue 10-Nov-09 18:04:12

that's the one - Keawyed (sorry had a delay after your post while he watched/listened on YouTube) - DH is well impressed grin.

Thank you.

KEAWYED Tue 10-Nov-09 18:05:32

The anticipation was killing me.

I listen to my radio at work all day and get to listen to all kinds of crap

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