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Synth Britinnia

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purepurple Sat 17-Oct-09 10:41:21

Anyone watch this last night on BBC3?
It was fantastic.
Caberet Voltaire
Depeche Mode
Soft Cell
Human League
New Order
Tubeway Army
Heaven 17
and then it got a bit shit when the Pet Shop Boys came on.

purepurple Sat 17-Oct-09 11:05:20

Just me then?
You all missed a treat.
Here is a little taster
Cabaret Voltaire

purepurple Sat 17-Oct-09 11:07:41

here is the correct link

AMumInScotland Sat 17-Oct-09 11:30:19

We saw it - a major trip down memory lane, though the later stuff was pretty much bland pop, not like the stuff earlier in the program.

southeastastra Sat 17-Oct-09 11:35:20

i thought OMD sounds really awful and i liked them at the time grin really dirge

southeastastra Sat 17-Oct-09 11:36:00

i love pet shop boys shock! i bought opportunities when it came out!

PuppyMonkey Sat 17-Oct-09 11:41:22

Oh, I missed it and wanted to see it. Was the Hacienda on it?? I was there, I was there.

Might it be repeated?

AMumInScotland Sat 17-Oct-09 11:45:22

Yeah, I thought OMD, and Ultravox's Vienna were ok at the time - but they were right pretentious dirges when you look back, weren't they? Most of the rest of it wasn't my cup of the tea at the time - I was into 70's prog rock and heavy rock at the time. But some of the early radical stuff - like Gary Numan - I can remember being impressed by, just because it was so different.

AMumInScotland Sat 17-Oct-09 11:46:17

I don't remember them mentioning the Hacienda - though I didn't see the start of the program. But it really only covered up to about 82, 83 ish - would that include the Hacienda?

PuppyMonkey Sat 17-Oct-09 11:47:51

Maybe a bit later than that - later in the 80s I went.

purepurple Sat 17-Oct-09 12:46:49

There was no mention of the Hacienda.
I too loved the earlier stuff in the programme.
I was impressed at hoe good Human league were without those 2 ugly girls.

RaggedRobin Sun 18-Oct-09 00:33:13

i was a bit disappointed... but i think that was probably because i was REALLY excited about it. it started off ok, but kind of lost momentum. to end with a quote from andy mcclusky and playing "electric dreams" was a total anti-climax. here's hoping the krautrock one next week will be a return to form for bbc4.

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