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Did anyone of you saw Robbie Williams live ???

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DEPECHEMODEFAN Mon 12-Oct-09 23:17:22

Message withdrawn

girlsyearapart Tue 13-Oct-09 08:59:17

Seen him in concert 4 times.

He still hasn't noticed me.. {sigh}

Great live only irritating habit was getting the audience sing the song when you pay to hear him sing!

Not mush good on X Factor Sunday though.

WartoScreamo Tue 13-Oct-09 09:13:04

I went to see him at Knebworth when i was PG. The place was so packed I actually only saw him on the screen - we never got even in view of the stage.angry We all agreed we should have stayed home and watched it on the TV!

glasgowlass Tue 13-Oct-09 09:17:38

I have seen him a few times, once was an aftershow gig at my mates club in 1999. (I didnt know he was making appearance, just told I was on guest list and to make sure I was there) Amazing in such a small setting, only 150 invited guests and it was his birthday weekend! He jumped into crowd and I felt his bum, was very nice lolgrin sadly he was a bit out his face(know this for a fact) but was very very good. Sang around 12 songs.
It was the same tour The Divine Comedy played his support cos Neil Hammond sang a few songs with him.

GypsyMoth Tue 13-Oct-09 09:20:35

saw him at mk bowl couple of years ago....always loved Robbie. we were really near the front,so great view...

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