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youcantlabelme Sat 03-Oct-09 19:35:48

Am tagging along with a really good friend of mine to see Muse in November.To be honest am going cos it's in Barcelona and have never been there beforeblush

Can someone give me a top ten/fifteen muse tracks that I could look up and get into- so at least I can recognise some of the songs.

Ta v much- and if anyone has any spare 30 seconds to mars tickets for koko in camden on 16/11-please please can i buy them off you as I love Jaredgrin

totalmisfit Sat 03-Oct-09 19:48:09

the only muse song i like is called 'Plug In Baby' and even then i'm not sure if i like the video, or the title grin. Cracking guitar though <uncool emoticon>

seriously, dh and i were saying the other day that you can probably learn everything you need to know about Muse by listening to Radiohead's 'Ok Computer', which you may well already have a copy of.

I'm sure i'm about to get things thrown at me by some big Muse fans, but that's my two cents anyway.

Wilts Sat 03-Oct-09 19:52:06

Unintended,sunburn,newborn,plug in baby,feeling good,time is running out,Stockholm syndrome,apocalypse please,sing for absolution.

These are Dh's recommendations grin

lavenderkate Sat 03-Oct-09 19:52:20

Bloody love 'em

DD12 got me into them only quite recently. Played a fantastic track in the Twilight film where the vampires played baseball. 'supermassiveblackhole' and I think that was the first time I ever heard them and thought Wow.

Saw the on Jools later show last week was it . Damn good live.Enjoy

lavenderkate Sat 03-Oct-09 19:52:59

Actually, wish I coould go grin

Wanderingsheep Sat 03-Oct-09 19:55:24

Ooh love Muse! Been to see them twice.

My favourite songs by Muse are:
Plug In Baby
Supermassive Blackhole

Oh bugger, there's loads. Hang on, off to look at CDs.

bluebump Sat 03-Oct-09 19:58:12

They are really good, and actually excellent live - enjoy!

Wanderingsheep Sat 03-Oct-09 20:02:06

I can't remember what the song is called! It's bugging me now, it's in my head, lol.

Thequeensghoul Sat 03-Oct-09 20:32:48

Right [muse geek alert]

You are a very lucky lady.

Here are my top recommendations:

Butterflies and hurricanes

Knights of Cydonia

Time is running out


Citzen erased


#m arker#6

Stockholme syndrome

And from the new album...


Also check out 'Resistance'.


daftpunk Sat 03-Oct-09 20:34:58

they do a brilliant version of feeling good.

CaptainNonentity Sat 03-Oct-09 20:38:04

Plug in Baby- one of the best riffs ever!

Knights of Cydonia- yay... riding through the galaxy on my electro stallion

BertieBotts Sat 03-Oct-09 20:44:48

I think the albums work best as a whole thing though - so if you just listen to two albums it has to be Absolution, and Black Holes and Revelations - though I have not got the new one yet.

They are amazing live (have seen them once before) - I am jealous

vampyrekisses Sun 04-Oct-09 02:21:24

omg how have you never got into muse before!

you have a whole month....start at the beginning

im jealous, atm i still aint got a ticket...

youcantlabelme Sun 04-Oct-09 11:53:38

Thanks to everyone who has responded.

I don't know either vampyrekisses, they just seemed to slip under my radar.

However having said that, when i youtubed all the songs given to me so far, i realised i knew more about muse than i thought.

Am beginning to look forward to the concert now.

And on a separate note, no spare 30seconds to mars tickets going then!!

Ponders Sun 04-Oct-09 11:57:31

My DS is going to see Muse in November too - only in Liverpool though, I think he'd far rather go to Barcelona grin

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