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Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam on tour

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SomeGuy Thu 17-Sep-09 14:26:36

Anyone interested?

He's playing at Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham NIA and Liverpool Echo and also in Dublin.

Only problem is the ticket price - £100 in London (plus about £15/ticket in fees), £75 elsewhere (not sure how much in Dublin).

overmydeadbody Thu 17-Sep-09 18:08:47

That's a bit expensive isn't it?shock

I was going to get my parents tickets as a present, thought they would like to see their friend on stage, but not at that price!

hmmmph. Rip off or what.

NormaStanleyFletcher Thu 17-Sep-09 18:12:47

Oh my - the cost! Otherwise I would love to

SomeGuy Thu 17-Sep-09 18:46:01

It is rather pricey. They do have some 'Gallery' seats at £45 (plus all the usual rip-off charges), but they are either sold out or not on sale yet. I'm not sure what the Gallery is, but TheatreMonkey says

"Mostly sold during the promenade concert season, these are standing places in a gallery that encircles the hall high above and behind the balcony. The atmosphere her is terrific, the sound average and the view vertigo inducing. Again, a unique RAH experience to try just once."

I think £100 is fairly standard for the non-stadium venues for artists that are doing come-back tours. Dolly Parton was the same.

overmydeadbody Thu 17-Sep-09 19:34:11

It's still ridiculous though, even if it is a 'come-back' tour. Considering the average gig costs between £15 and £25, £100 is just exploitative.

I thought, being a sufi-muslim hippy type he wouldn't want to rip off and exploit his fans hmm

SomeGuy Thu 17-Sep-09 19:45:55

he will probably say the cash is all going to help orphans or some such.

I don't think you get many gigs for £15-£25 though.

It's supply and demand really. Only 4 dates in UK & Ireland, lots of people would like to see him, so £100 is the price.

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