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anyone else been to the 80's rewind festival?

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FairLadyRantALot Tue 25-Aug-09 16:30:16

Well...I was a Festival virgin until this weekend....but I think I "saved" myself for just the right one grin

It was amazing....loved the Christians, Heaven 17, Rick Astley blush, Billy Ocean, and oh...there were so many

Now, if there had been anywhere to plug in a Blow dryer it would have been complete heavenly bliss, lol....

rebstoddy Tue 25-Aug-09 22:03:14

You didn't find the plug in at the showers then?! It was a closely guarded secret but it WAS there!!!! YEP, I was there too, it was FAB x I got my t-shirt signed by Gary Christian, he was a really lovely bloke & then, whipped my t-shirt off so it could be taken backstage for Nik Kershaw to sign...what an old lush I've turned out to be!!!! Felt a bit sad for Paul Young, his voice has def seen better days & Iknow he's had trouble for ages. Rick Astley - grin- he was AMAZING, Billy, bring it on!!! Belinda, oh what a diva & Bananarama were so p'd up, I was surprised they could stand! See you at the next one maybe???? x As festivals go, it was very civilized, def worth going to again.

FairLadyRantALot Wed 26-Aug-09 08:52:33

rebstoddy...I can NOT believe there was a plug in for Blowdryers...argh...why did I NOT hear about that

yes, felt sorry for Paul Young, he still can move, but his voice is defintely gone ...

Glad I am not the only one thnking Rick Astley was amazing...although, by the reception he got, I knew I was not the only one...

But...what is that Knicker thrwoing thing all about...surely if one idolizes someone, one would not want to think of that person as a knickersniffing

Oh Mr. Christian, he was yummy
And the Drummer of Howard Jones Big Band..he was lush

I must say, they probably all looked better than they did in the 80's...much better personal style grin...

lol at you wipping your t-shirt of so it could be signed backstage....wish I had the guts...

Truely hoping that this will be a yearly event....apparently the people of Henley are very supportive of it, and really loved having such an event there....that surely must be positive.

Oh, did you try out the silent disco arena? Now that was fun...even though we all must have looked like complete loons...

There is quite a lot on You tube, btw...

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