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Desperately seeking English version of "tjoe tsjoe wa" (chu chu wah?)

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millypip Tue 25-Aug-09 10:03:39


I'm wondering if you can help me. My children go to a music group and they play a song in dutch that has instructions and is great to dance to. They love it! I have a link to a youtube version here:

I'm trying to find an english version or a version I can put on dvd for my little boogie babies. Can anybody help?

many thanks!!

MmeLindt Tue 25-Aug-09 10:07:22

ooooh, there is a song that we used to sing in Scouts like that. Can't think of the name. Coochie Coochie ... something?

MmeLindt Tue 25-Aug-09 10:11:29

Singing in the Rain

It is similar to the Dutch one you linked to, just with Singing in the Rain added in.


millypip Tue 25-Aug-09 10:24:00

Thank you very much! It's in my head now, will be singing all day - aaaaaggghh! :-)

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