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Elvis, Beatles, Michael Jackson

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SlartyBartFast Wed 15-Jul-09 22:30:42

are they all the Greats?

i am not sure if MJ is up there but may be time will tell.

which order would you put them in?
have i missed anyone obvious?

KingRolo Tue 28-Jul-09 20:42:50


But I'd quibble over the inclusion of Jacko.

I'd put Morrissey instead.

beanieb Tue 28-Jul-09 20:44:59

you missed Bob Dylan. By far the greatest songwriter, he just doesn't have the same fame.
Did MJ write his own songs? Elvis certainly didn't. Was a great showman but helped greatly by his death as were MJ and John Lennon.

janeite Tue 28-Jul-09 20:47:12

Yes to Morrissey. Can't be doing with The Beatles or Jacko (except Thriller).

Lou Reed? Jim Morrison?

K999 Tue 28-Jul-09 20:57:38

Morrisey is shite!!

Johny Cash

SoccerMum Tue 28-Jul-09 20:59:06

I dont much care for any of them. Elvis would be my only concession I suppose.

2shoes Tue 28-Jul-09 21:54:18

Jim morrison

Hassled Tue 28-Jul-09 21:56:26

Without Elvis, there wouldn't have been The Beatles. Without The Beatles, there wouldn't have been Jackson. I don't think MJ was ever in teh same ground breaking mould, though.

KingRolo Wed 29-Jul-09 09:08:22

shock Morrissey shite!

MJ will be remembered more for his dancing. That was his real talent imo.

Yes to Johnny Cash.

Tortington Wed 29-Jul-09 09:11:56

elvis - shit

neatles - shit 99% of the time

MJ thriller album and motown only.

hardly musical genuis any of them

morrisey is a pile of wank.

if you want to come back 20 years later love and pedal the same suicidal teenage shite - then try harder cos linkin park well outshine you - you ugly whinging droning boring fucker

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