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who is watching leonard cohen on bbcfour

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giantcucumber Fri 19-Jun-09 21:09:08

it's fab

wiggletastic Fri 19-Jun-09 21:12:53

Not me, not yet anyway, but I have informed DH who has immediately switched over. Off to watch now thanks! smile

TheUnstrungHarp Fri 19-Jun-09 21:15:40

Yes! And I was there!

TaLcYeth Fri 19-Jun-09 21:16:52

Thanks... had forgotten about that!

hf128219 Fri 19-Jun-09 21:17:58

Thank you! He brings back the fondest memories. I am now recording it. smile

paisleyleaf Fri 19-Jun-09 21:18:59

envy theunstrungharp smile

I guess he's lucky in that this is what did anyway....
....I mean not like Mick Jagger et al who feel they have to leap about to perform.

Piffle Fri 19-Jun-09 21:23:33

am recording and watching...
Oh I hope he does Famous Blue Raincoat
For I was named for Jane

tattycoram Fri 19-Jun-09 21:28:28

I am smile

wiggletastic Fri 19-Jun-09 21:32:52

Oh fab fab fab. Nearly cried at Hallelujah.

Saw him last year in Edinburgh, amazing.

tigerdriver Fri 19-Jun-09 22:46:56

fab, just fab

wastingmyeducation Fri 19-Jun-09 22:49:50

Recording it to savour with a glass of wine. smile

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