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Can we do Desert Island Discs?

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Hassled Fri 19-Jun-09 16:00:29

So you're allowed 8 tracks, you're given the complete works of Shakespeare and the Bible/Koran/Religious text of your choice (I'm guessing we atheists get The God Delusion), but also have to pick one extra book, one luxury, and have to name just 1 of the 8 tracks to take if we could only take 1.

I do have a sort of mental list but a) it keeps changing b) I can't decide on which Johnny Cash song and c) if I post it here I will reveal myself as the pretentious twat I really am. But I still want to see other lists - anyone?

cheesesarnie Fri 19-Jun-09 19:21:43

my book i think would be 'the magic faraway tree'grin just because i love it-still.

my luxury would be suncream because i cant think what elsegrin

my 1 track would be james taylor(sooo hard to decide which one......)country road(grrr i think).

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