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Big chill - family friendly?

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pavlovthecat Sun 31-May-09 16:41:32

My friend works in music industry, can get us into the big chill on guest list, some back stage perks.

We have a 3 year old, will be me, DH, DD and baby bump (will be 20 odd weeks).

pavlovthecat Sun 31-May-09 17:21:44


Blackduck Sun 31-May-09 17:30:30

Have a friend who has been loads and says yes it is child-friendly and there are kids areas, but alot of smoking goes on (if that is an issue for you)

pavlovthecat Sun 31-May-09 17:36:47

you mean shock <whispers> illegal drugs? grin thats fine, horses for courses and all that. I would expect nothing different at a festi.

Overmydeadbody Wed 01-Jul-09 09:52:43

Yes it is very child friendly.

Or at least it was four years ago when I took DS. He was 2 at the time.

SecretNinjaChipmunk Wed 08-Jul-09 22:05:07

hi, i've been about 4 times but not since having ds funnily enough but yes, vvv child friendly. in fact friendly full stop. lots to see and do, not so big as to be intimidating, full of lovely people. but if you are camping make sure you take a caretakers trolley thing to get your stuff (and possibly your kids) down the looonnggg path to the fields to camp in. i think the family camping fields are a little easier than the rest to get to but we've always found these to be invaluable porters trolley thing

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