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grade one violin

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nailpolish Mon 02-Mar-09 09:29:48

dd 's techer says she is ready to start grade on (YAY!)

i am confused to what books to get

she siad

associated board violin grade one

associated board violin grade sightreading grades 1-5

i have been googling and its seems v confusing

also, should i get scales book?


AMumInScotland Mon 02-Mar-09 20:53:04

Hi - I took a look on Amazon and these are the ones I think you need -

Grade 1 pieces OR Same thing but also has a CD

Sight reading

Not sure if you need them or not, but...

Scales and arpeggios You should probably check with the teacher, to be sure.

I always find it easiest to go into a music shop like Omni because they're so used to seeing baffled parents they can usually work out what you mean even when you don't know the full title!


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