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DaveTheHairyHandedTrucker Sat 21-Feb-09 22:34:48

love it,

it is old now,

its different,

very funky,

should have had more fame in its day,

kick back and enjoy

good wine a must

(smokes optional) wink envy

DaveTheHairyHandedTrucker Sat 21-Feb-09 22:56:58

<waves avalanche flag>

pooka Sat 21-Feb-09 22:58:09

Also love it. Have listened recently. Loved the video too - and the one for Frontier Psychiatrist.

DaveTheHairyHandedTrucker Sat 21-Feb-09 23:02:46

marvelous when out of it

hifi Sat 21-Feb-09 23:53:49

ooh i have it on cd, a single from many moons ago. i dont think it received the credit it deserved.

nnibnabs Wed 25-Feb-09 23:57:56

Its the one song i could NEVER remove from my ipod! And Frontier Psychiatrist is fabulous too. You've just reminded me about that one, will have to add to ipod.

poppy34 Wed 04-Mar-09 15:37:28

frontier psychiatrist is brilliant - never get tired of it ..maybe need to invest in more avalanches for ipod
(wonders off singing "that boy needs therapy")

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